Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation for AnaheimAnaheim Alcohol Rehab

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, you may have tried to stop drinking before, but your efforts were unsuccessful. Or, you may not have tried to stop because you are afraid of what will happen if you do. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand the struggles that come along with an addiction to alcohol, but we want you to know that there is hope and help, and we can offer you both.

As the leading drug rehab facility in Anaheim, we have helped so many people who were just like you; people who were struggling with an addiction to alcohol and were unable to stop drinking, or who didn’t think that they would ever be able to put their addiction behind them. Our highly trained and qualified staff is here to assist you with the struggle that is associated with the troubling disease that is known as alcoholism. We offer a broad range of services through our alcohol rehab program, and we are confident that these services will help you beat your addiction so that you can move forward toward a life of sobriety.

A Broad Range of Services for a Serious Disease

Alcoholism is a serious disease. It is an addiction, and like any addiction, it changes the structure of your brain, making you feel as if you need to drink, changing your personality, and leading you to believe that you are in control. Like any disease, alcoholism requires serious treatment that incorporates a variety of services in order to overcome it. The drug rehab program at Ocean Hills Recovery offers a broad range of services that are designed to meet the needs of every patient we work with to help them beat their addiction to alcohol.

Treatment at our rehab facility begins with an extensive intake assessment. During this assessment, you will discuss the history of your alcohol use with one of our licensed clinicians, including how long you have been using alcohol, how much and how often you drink, and whether or not you have tried to stop drinking before. You will also have a thorough psychological assessment, which will help us determine if there are any underlying mental health conditions that could be contributing to your alcoholism. Additionally, you will have a full medical exam, which will allow us to determine if your alcohol use has caused any physical issues, as well as if you will experience any withdrawal symptoms when you stop using.

The information we collect through the intake assessment will allow us to determine how to best approach your treatment during rehab. Based on the information we obtain, we will devise a treatment plan that will be customized to meet your specific needs. We understand that alcohol addiction affects every person differently and that everyone becomes addicted to alcohol for different reasons. In other words, alcoholism is unique to every person, and that is why the treatment that is offered through treatment needs to be unique as each individual him- or herself.

If it is determined that your addiction to alcohol will result in withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, we will suggest that you undergo medical detox. This will allow you to rid your body of the harmful toxins that have built up in your body over the course of your alcohol use. The withdrawal symptoms that can develop when you stop drinking can be very uncomfortable and dangerous. Medical detox ensures that you go through the process as safely and as comfortably as possible. You will be monitored throughout the entire detox process and receive any help that may be necessary.

After detox is complete, you will begin treatment. At Ocean Hills Recovery, the treatment we offer during rehab are varied and based on each individual. We use a holistic approach to treat alcohol addiction. In other words, we treat the entire person – mind, body, and soul – in order to address the various factors that lead to addiction. During treatment, you will partake in individual and group counseling, as well as family counseling, if deemed necessary. You will also take part in various therapies, such as nutritional therapy, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture, among other therapies.

After your treatment is complete, you will receive an education that will teach you the skills and strategies that can help you remain sober when you acclimate back into the real world. You may also receive recommendations for aftercare programs, such as a sober living house or outpatient therapy.

No matter how severe your addiction to alcohol may be, or what type of customized treatment you may receive, you can be sure that you will be safe, comfortable, and feel like you are at home while you are with us. You can also take comfort in knowing that you will receive the compassionate care that is needed to help you get started on the journey to sobriety.

Whether it is you who is suffering from an addiction to alcohol, or it is someone you love, please don’t lose hope. With the right rehab program, you can beat your addiction, put alcohol use behind you, and live a happier, healthier, sober life.

Please get in touch with Ocean Hills Recovery today. Entering our alcohol rehab program may be the best decision you will ever make in your life. We are here to help you, every step of the way. Help is just a phone call away.