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Executive Drug Rehab

executive drug rehabYou hear the term "Executive" thrown around a lot when referring to higher-end rehab facilities, but what exactly does that mean? CEOs, business owners and other high-ranking professionals who are struggling with substance abuse can seek treatment at an executive drug rehab center. There are many California drug rehab facilities that specifically cater to executives and provide excellent care. However, the term has become somewhat ubiquitous and refers more to the style of treatment and the amenities, more so than the actual backgrounds of the clientele. Benefits of an Executive Drug Rehab Program There's no getting around the fact that an executive rehab program tends to imply the facility is likely more expensive than your traditional rehab. Executive rehab facilities are often known to provide more personalized care and feature private rooms with luxurious amenities. Going to one of these treatment centers...
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Ocean Hills Recovery Makes Big Improvements

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ocean Hills Recovery, Inc. Makes Big Improvements Dana Point, CA, May 16, 2014 - Ocean Hills Recovery, Inc. has moved into a new office and completed major renovations in their El Molino residence. Being clean and sober does not happen overnight. Ocean Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing comfortable, but affordable drug and substance abuse treatment to help you or your loved one transition from the chaos of drug and alcohol addiction back to a happy and productive life. The new OHR counseling and business center is a 3500 square foot space that boasts 10' ceilings and 2 stories. It is located in a new Spanish/Mediterranean villa style office complex with ample parking. It is newly remodeled in and out with all fresh paint and carpeting and includes 2 group rooms with a balcony break/smoking area and 6 counseling offices. There is a large operations area with 1...
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Drug and Alcohol Program

What are the signs that your usage of alcohol or other chemicals is no longer recreational, no longer benign, no longer under your control, and that you need to seek a drug and alcohol program? If you are no longer functioning properly during work, at play, or in family life, that is a strong sign that you need help. Lowered performance, lateness, or absence from work or school indicates that you had a dependency that is adversely affecting your life, as does neglecting your kids. As well as these more obvious dysfunctions, less drastic signs like drifting away from friends and family or strained relationships with them indicate a problem. Even something as simple as letting go of a formerly beloved hobby or activity suggests that your personality is being affected for the worse by substance abuse. If you feel the need to hide your usage from friends and...
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