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Why Choose California Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

With all of the different methods available for alcohol rehab, why is inpatient a better choice than outpatient rehab? First, let's discuss the difference between the two. Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment means that the person undergoing treatment lives in the physical place or facility that is doing the treatment for the duration of their program. There may be follow-up after discharge which occurs after the inpatient program is complete, but the inpatient portion of the program will occur where the person is sleeping and spending their days. Inpatient programs vary in duration, therapies and methods of treatment used. Detoxification and withdrawal management typically take place in inpatient settings. Outpatient means that the person undergoing treatment visits a facility for their treatment but then is able to leave that location to return home, or return to work. Their treatment takes place at regularly scheduled times and utilizes different therapies and counseling.

What happens...

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Alcoholic Intervention in California – When is the Right Time?

alcoholic intervention For a loved one or friend of an addict, you may feel that the time may never be the "right time" to host an alcoholic intervention in California. You may think that the person will learn from their mistakes and stop drinking so much. You may tell yourself, or others, that once the person sees how they are hurting others around them, they will stop drinking. You may honestly believe those things and have good intentions, however, the truth of the matter is the time to intervene is now. Not after the Holidays or after the next night of binge drinking, as that may be too late. Alcohol abuse can cause numerous health complications such as liver disease, anemia, cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, seizures, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, pancreatitis, and because it suppresses the immune system, it increases the...
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Taking the First Step – Using the 12 Steps Method of Recovery for Alcoholism

Why is step 1 of the 12 steps method of recovery oftentimes the hardest step for a person to take? Before we delve into that, you may be asking what the first step of the 12 steps is. Step 1: Admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion So, to admit that you are addicted is to admit you are not in control. That is a scary notion for most people in the world. To feel in control is to have power, to have "it all together." If you are not in control, it's like admitting that you are powerless or that you cannot manage yourself around the alcohol that you are addicted to. Maybe you don't care what other people will think of you and whether or not you are in control. But admitting to yourself that you are not in control may be the most difficult thing to...
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