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Bakersfield Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is the most common type of addiction in the United States. Affecting literally millions of people, an addiction to alcohol is a condition that plagues people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, age, or social status you are, alcoholism could affect you. In other words, alcohol addiction knows no boundaries.

If you are battling with an addiction to alcohol, there is very little doubt that it is affecting virtually every aspect of your life. It could be affecting your personal relationships, your work, your family life, and even your physical and mental health. Despite the fact that you may have tried to stop drinking in the past, or despite the fact that you have a strong desire to stop drinking, you still can’t help but give in to the urge to drink. Suddenly, you find yourself opening up a can of beer or pouring yourself a drink, even though you swore just hours before that you were never going to drink again.

If you have had enough with your drinking and you are ready to regain control of your life, it’s time to consider going to alcohol rehab. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we know how you are feeling. We understand that you may have lost hope, but we want you to know that help is available, we are here to offer you that help.

We know that alcoholism affects each person differently. Our mission is to provide each and every patient who walks through our doors with the customized treatment that they need in order to help them overcome addiction and get their lives back. We offer the guidance, the tools and the support that is necessary to beat alcohol addiction, once and for all.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

More commonly referred to as alcoholism, an addiction to alcohol is classified as a chronic disease. It actually affects the neurochemistry of the brain, which means that when a person becomes addicted to alcohol, he or she is not in control of the urge to drink alcohol; rather, their addiction is in control of him or her. This leads to a strong desire to drink, despite the negative effects that it may cause.

Despite the fact that extensive research has been done in order to pinpoint the factors that prompt people to become addicted to alcohol, no single cause has been determined. It has, however, been concluded that there are several factors that could possibly make a person more inclined to become addicted, such as a family history of alcoholism and certain psychological conditions. 

Alcoholism presents itself in a variety of ways; it doesn’t impact every person the same way. For instance, one person might binge drink several days a week, taking breaks in between episodes, while another might consume a large quantity of alcohol every day. No matter how the addiction presents itself, when a person drinks alcohol in excessive amounts and is unable to stay sober for a prolonged period of time, he or she is considered an alcoholic.

Are There Symptoms of Alcoholism?

At first, it can be tricky to determine if a person is truly an alcoholic. Alcohol is so commonplace in our society that it can be hard to tell if a person enjoys imbibing every now and again, or if he or she truly has an addiction. It can even be hard for the person who is addicted to alcohol to determine that an issue exists.

With that said, however, there are certain symptoms that are common among alcoholics. Some of the most obvious signs of an addiction include:

  • Drinking alcohol in large amounts over a prolonged period of time, even if taking breaks between periods of drinking.
  • Binge drinking; drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk.
  • Seeking out social settings where alcohol is present.
  • Frequently drinking alone.
  • Being secretive about and hiding drinking.
  • A very high tolerance.
  • Drinking at inappropriate times; before or while at work or while at a function when alcohol is clearly not acceptable.
  • Severe mood changes when alcohol is being consumed, or when the person does not have access to alcohol.
  • Relationship issues that are clearly related to alcohol.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to think about getting help. At Ocean Hills Recovery, our alcohol rehab program can offer you the help that you need to overcome your addiction to alcohol and get your life back.

What to Expect?

The goal of our alcohol rehab program is to provide anyone who is addicted to alcohol with the help that is needed in order to stop using it permanently.

Our rehab program has definite goals, which include:

  • Helping patients permanently abstain from using alcohol
  • Determining the cause of the addiction
  • Finding ways to cope with the factors that trigger the urge to drink
  • Determining if any co-occurring mental health issues exist and if so, treating them
  • Improving the self-esteem and self-worth of our patients
  • Helping our patients integrate back into society, free of alcohol use

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we have proudly helped so many people in the Bakersfield area beat alcoholism. We know that we can help you, too. Through our alcohol rehab program, you can get on the track to sobriety and move forward toward a happier, healthier, more productive life, completely free of alcohol use.