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Alcohol is the most commonly abused addictive substances in the United States, with an estimated 17.6 million people suffering from alcoholism. That’s about one in every 12 adults. On top of that, there are several million people who partake in dangerous binge drinking patterns – drinking excessively for the sole purpose of getting drunk – which could eventually lead to alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction affects all aspects of an individual’s life. Some of the biggest affects of alcohol abuse include serious physical and mental health issues, emotional instability, financial problems, issues with friends and family, and problems with the law.

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction to alcohol, it’s time to consider getting help. Ocean Hills Recovery is the leading alcohol treatment facility in Bakersfield, California. For years, we have been helping people who are suffering from alcoholism overcome their addiction, put alcohol use in their past, and move forward toward a happier, healthier life of sobriety. There is help for alcohol addiction, and we look forward to offering it to you.

Statistics Related to Alcohol

In order to fully understand the grave effects that are associated with alcohol abuse and alcoholism, it’s helps to statistics that are related to excessive alcohol use and addiction. The following data is rather eye-opening:

  • Nearly 90,000 deaths occur every year as a result of excessive alcohol use
  • Alcoholism is the 3rd leading cause of death as a result of lifestyle
  • Around 40 percent of hospital beds in the United States are used to treat health conditions that are caused by using alcohol

The Risks Associated with Alcoholism

There are a number of risks that are associated with excessive alcohol use, either in terms of heavy drinking, or binge drinking. These risks include serious health conditions, chronic disease, social impairments, and neurological issues.

Some of the problems that are associated with alcoholism include, but are not limited to:

  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Cardiovascular issues, such as hypertension, atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopahty and myocardial infraction
  • Liver disease, including cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and fatty liver
  • Gastrointestinal issues, such as gastritis and pancreatitis
  • Social issues, including violence, mistreatment of loved ones, decreased productivity and unemployment

Given the dangerous repercussions that are associated with alcoholism, it’s imperative to seek treatment in order to overcome the addiction.

Is It Time for Treatment?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between someone who enjoys drinking and someone who is dependent on alcohol. Since alcohol is such an accepted part of our culture, it is so readily available and it is such a centerpiece for celebrations and good times, it’s not uncommon to be surrounded by alcohol. However, how do you know if you simply enjoy drinking, or if you have a problem? Here are some signs that indicate you have developed an addiction to alcohol:

  • An inability to remain sober for an extended period of time; though you may be able to go a day or two without a drink, on average, you don’t go much longer than that, and there may be several days or even weeks when you get drunk every day.
  • You binge drink, or drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk. It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you drink, either, as long as it gives you a high.
  • You suffer from severe hangovers, yet the side effects aren’t enough to prevent you from drinking again.
  • You experience severe cravings to drink alcohol, and you have to satisfy those cravings.
  • You have tried to stop drinking before, but your efforts have not been successful.
  • Your drinking has impacted other parts of your life, including your personal relationships, your work, and your home life.
  • You are suffering from physical or mental conditions that are directly related to your alcohol use.
  • You have engaged in risky behaviors while drinking alcohol or done something dangerous in order to obtain it; for example, you may have driven while intoxicated more times than you care to admit, or you may have had one or more DUIs.

If you are exhibiting any of these signs, you are suffering from alcohol addiction, and it’s time to seek help.

What Type of Treatment is Available?

There are various types of treatment options available for alcoholism. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, as well as support groups, therapies, counseling and detox. We take a holistic approach to treating alcohol addiction rather than treating just the addiction itself. That’s because we believe that there are a number of factors that lead to alcoholism, and in order to overcome the disease, the entire person needs to be treated.

You may be skeptical and wonder if treatment for alcohol addiction actually works. The good news is that a program that uses evidence-based tactics is a proven way to overcome alcoholism. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we have helped so many people who were spinning in the circle that is alcohol addiction step off of it and get onto the path of sobriety.

If you are battling with an addiction to alcohol and you are ready to take your life back, please don’t wait any longer. The sooner you start receiving treatment, the sooner you will be able to regain control of your life, improve your health, and enhance your happiness.

Please contact Ocean Hills Recovery today.