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Heroin Treatment Services Offered by Ocean Hills Recovery

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Learn about the heroin treatment services offered by Ocean Hills Recovery. Ocean Hills Recovery offers a wide array of services for every addiction.

Heroin Treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery – It’s Time For A Change.

Heroin abuse has become representative of all the most challenging aspects of addiction. Its reputation as a seemingly insurmountable foe in the battle for sobriety serves as a testament to the overwhelming power of its grasp. Users are often undeterred by the risks of gangrene, HIV, hepatitis, stroke, and even death. Nonetheless, the dire consequences of addiction make heroin treatment absolutely necessary. With guidance, understanding, and a healing environment, you can finally free yourself from the shackles of dependency.

Understanding the Strangle Hold Of Heroin Addiction

Heroin exerts a direct effect on the way the brain and body perceive pleasure and pain. By affecting opiate receptors in the brain, it rapidly triggers a dangerous cycle of intense pleasure followed by extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Users find themselves obsessively chasing feelings of euphoria and then desperately avoiding the discomfort of withdrawal. Fear of becoming “junk sick,” a reference to mental and physical symptoms suffered by addicts in withdrawal, enslaves heroin users and often prevents them from seeking treatment.

If you have found yourself ensnared in this cycle, it’s time to get help from people who possess the experience needed to understand your situation, and the tools necessary to transition into recovery more gently.

A Three-Fold Path To Recovery

Overcoming dependency requires a multi-dimensional approach to heroin drug treatment. First, you’ll need both physical and psychological assistance as your body goes through the detoxification process. Next, every person needs expert support in the form of counseling or therapy as they rebuild their inner strength and sense of self. Understanding where your addiction came from, and developing a strategy to avoid old triggers is paramount to your continued success. Finally, a comprehensive aftercare program is pivotal in helping you to integrate the changes you make into a new life.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand these needs and offer a fully realized program to help you through every phase of your recovery. We focus on more than leaving heroin behind; we help you to reconstruct your life as you heal your body. Our collaborative care program combines the proven methods of 12 Step Recovery with therapies that address the biological, psychological, and social aspects of healing. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we invite you to participate in a new model of healing, one that restores your inner self and your body within a supportive community of sobriety.

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Greg opened his home and heart to alcoholics and addicts in 2003. He is a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATCI). Starting in 2009 Greg has fostered the growth of Ocean Hills Recovery into one of the most respected and effective treatment centers in the area and has been working with people with addictions since March of 2001. Greg believes in a holistic approach to recovery. His focus is on drug alcohol addiction treatment with a combination of 12 Step work, therapy and counseling, and the rejuvenation of the body through healthful eating and exercise. He has designed his program to foster a family-like atmosphere and believes that people in recovery are just beginning their lives. He encourages the people he works with to learn to enjoy life in sobriety. Greg is married to Nicole; they have two adorable sons together and an energetic yellow Labrador Retriever.