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Cleaning Up Addiction Treatment in California

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Addiction is a crippling disease that affects more than 20 million people nationwide, with 3 million of those sufferers living in California alone. Between the growing prescription drug problem and the heroin epidemic, it’s more important than ever that those who are suffering seek addiction treatment in California and take control of their disease before it escalates further.

Addiction treatment centers are one of the very best ways for people struggling with drug abuse to get help. While there is no perfect solution for kicking an addiction, ethical California rehabs are well-equipped to help patients with the mental and physical aspects of addiction. From detoxing to rehabilitation to ongoing treatment services, these treatment centers can help people to kick their addiction safely and stay clean once they graduate from the program.

What’s Wrong with Addiction Treatment in California?

Unfortunately, not every addiction treatment center in California employs ethical practices and puts the patients first. California is notorious for its lack of oversight when it comes to substance abuse treatment, making it harder for those in need to find safe and effective care.

This oversight leads to fewer regulations and lower standards of care, allowing for subpar and unethical practices to pop up. These facilities then take in patients without being properly qualified or equipped to help them, interfering with them getting the help they truly need from a licensed & accredited rehab center.

California Lacks Regulation

A consequence of the lack of oversight from California is that there aren’t sufficient regulations in place when it comes to policing addiction treatment services. California law makes it far too easy for anyone to open a treatment center. There are no degree requirements to obtain a license and criminal history is not considered a factor in the application, often leading to highly unqualified operators running the facilities.

These facilities can also market themselves as addiction treatment centers without being properly equipped to provide medical treatment, putting their patients in danger in the case of an emergency.

Profits Over Care

In an industry where the margins for ethical for-profit care facilities are very low, those who are willing to sacrifice the quality of their care can stand to make a much better profit. Patient-brokering – the act of paying or luring patients into a care center for the sake of profiting from their insurance – is also a major problem in California. As it stands, there is no law against patient-brokering despite it being one of the leading contributors to poor treatment facilities in California.

By offering sub-standard care – whether intentionally or unintentionally – these facilities can lower their expenses and save money. They will then bill the patient’s insurance for additional or unnecessary services, pocketing the difference despite not providing sufficient treatment or care. In some cases, they may even keep them in the program longer than necessary to continue collecting reimbursements or sabotage their treatment entirely.

Why You Need Ethical California Rehab Services

Fortunately, not all facilities care more about their margins than their patients’ well-being. Despite a sea of unethical treatment facilities, there are ethical California rehab services that want to do everything they can to help their patients get clean. You will often find that these rehabs have full licensing and accreditation by organizations like CARF (Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) which prove that the facility adheres to proper care standards and ethical practices.

By choosing an accredited rehabilitation center, you are gaining:

Peace of Mind

Whether for you or those who care for you, the peace of mind that you’ll get from enrolling in an ethical California rehab service cannot be overlooked. Addiction is a difficult disease to live with, and very often a patient’s life is at stake when they enter the facility. When it comes to matters of life and death, you want to be sure that those how care for you or your loved one are fully licensed, experienced, and want the best for you – not for their wallets.

A Better Chance at Success 

Combating addiction is a physical and mental battle, with your mental state and environment playing a huge role in how effective treatment is. If your environment is stressful or conditions are subpar, it becomes harder to focus on rehabilitation. Addiction can also stem from a mental illness (or vice versa), something that less experienced rehabs may not address despite mental health playing a major role in your physical health and coping skills. With an accredited rehab, there’s certain to be better, more comprehensive care for both the mental and physical side of the disease.

Guidance for Ongoing Treatment 

While some unaccredited rehab services believe their job ends once your insurance stops paying or you leave the program, ethical treatment facilities understand the ongoing struggle that accompanies addiction recovery. A qualified care facility cares more about the continued health of their patients, setting you up with coping skills and guidance with ongoing treatments to help prevent relapse. An unethical rehab may forego this in hopes that you return, and they can collect from your insurance again.

Choosing an Ethical California Rehab

Receiving effective and comprehensive treatment for addiction is crucial to overcoming it. If you want the best chance of kicking the addiction for good, choose ethical California rehab services like those offered at Ocean Hills Recovery. With years of experience helping treat addiction in California, there is nowhere better to seek treatment. Ocean Hills is a licensed rehab and has CARF accreditation. Thanks to the help of their qualified, compassionate staff, you can conquer your addiction and begin the road to a happier, healthier life.

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