Crystal Meth Rehab and Treatment Center for Addiction

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Ocean Hills Recovery offers the best treatment options for meth detox & recovery. Beat this difficult addiction with our long-term treatment programs.

Avoiding Long Term Effects with Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal meth rehab can be a very trying process, because crystal meth is an extremely addictive substance. Crystal meth is a very potent and dangerous street drug that has become one of the most serious drug problems in the United States. It’s popular in suburban and rural areas because of the low cost and availability of the ingredients and the isolation required to produce the drug. Crystal meth’s lasting mood changing effects have led to widespread popularity and addiction.

Short-Term Effects

Immediate crystal meth effects are similar to those of other drugs such as cocaine, but are longer lasting. It can also cause violent behavior, heightened alertness, suppressed appetite, euphoria, interference with sleeping, exhilaration, mood swings, anxiety, tremors (convulsions), heart palpitations, homicidal or suicidal thoughts, heightened body temperature or blood pressure, and paranoia or bizarre behavior. All of these effects are characteristic of somebody using crystal meth. But it is the long lasting euphoria that keeps the user coming back.

Long-term Effects

There is not one specific characteristic that outweighs another. But some symptoms can last a lifetime and may even result in fatality. Brain damage, coma, and death may be the most serious long-term effects of crystal meth. Other effects include facial symptoms, tooth decay, cracked teeth, weight loss, psychosis, hallucinations, body sores from picking at the skin, and formication. Also, if a pregnant woman uses crystal meth, it can cause serious harm to the baby, and may result in heart defects or the development of a cleft pallet.

Get Help from California Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal meth is a drug that is never used for medicinal purposes. It is highly addictive and is often cheaper and stronger than cocaine. The drug rehab programs offered for crystal meth addiction at Ocean Hills Recovery are comprised of three stages: Detox, recovery, and sober living.

When going through crystal meth rehab and detox, long-term users usually face symptoms including paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, irrational fears, emotional upheavals, cravings for the high, depression, and a feeling of stupidity or dullness without the drug.

Crystal meth addiction is an extremely difficult addiction to treat. Fortunately, the crystal meth rehab programs at Ocean Hills Recovery offer long-term treatment with sober living in California that can provide you continuing treatment and a shared environment with others who have had similar experiences.

If you or a family member is addicted to crystal meth, contact Ocean Hills Recovery today. Our addiction treatment programs offer each of our clients the chance to ditch their addictions and find freedom from dependency.

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