Escape to Ocean Hills Recovery – A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for Your New Beginning

Alabama Addiction Treatment Rehab

Located in Dana Point, California, Ocean Hills Recovery is an internationally recognized addiction recovery center. Alabama residents can start their journey to recovery by relocating to Dana Point for our treatment and substance abuse program.

Why Not Local Rehab?

There are several benefits to enrolling in a rehab program away from home. First, by expanding your search to include treatment centers all around the country, you can ensure that you or your loved ones receive the very best care. If you’re limited to only local Alabama drug rehab centers, it’s much harder to find a high-quality clinic that’s accepted by your insurance program.

A crucial step in any journey to recovery is removing the patient from their addiction’s toxic environment. Traveling removes familiar social situations where an addict might turn to drugs. It also ensures that it’s difficult for patients to get in touch with their regular dealers. The symbolism of beginning a journey towards recovery with an actual journey helps many of our patients get into the correct frame of mind to make progress.

Even if a patient volunteers for rehab, they might experience doubts at some point during the program. You can drive home from an Alabama rehab clinic. When you have to buy a plane ticket to get back to your state, you tend to be more willing to commit to the program.

Finally, privacy is a concern for many rehab patients. While they understand that their addiction is causing problems in their family, social, and work lives, patients don’t necessarily want to broadcast that they’re getting treatment to the entire town. Patients in an Alabama alcohol treatment program might be recognized in various situations: visiting medical staff, while out on recreational trips, or while driving to or from the clinic. By traveling to a different state, patients reduce the chances of meeting someone they recognize during the course of their program.

Getting Things Started

Ocean Hills works with patients from all across the United States. We understand that it can be difficult for you to get your loved ones started on the road to recovery. We don’t want you to be alone. To help you, we’ve partnered with several Alabama interventionists to provide local, in-person support for you and your family.

When you’re on your own, talking to someone with an addiction might not be very productive. Those who are suffering from addiction are very good at rationalizing and protecting their addiction. Interventions help penetrate these barriers. When multiple people who the individual has affected take a firm stand and present evidence of a problem, it’s much harder for them to wave things away. Our Alabama interventionist will help teach you and your family the proper techniques involved in an effective intervention.

Travel to Ocean Hills doesn’t have to be expensive. You’re free to book whatever accommodations are cheapest for you. Consider frequent flier miles, your favorite discount flight service, or book the redeye on an economy airline.

Recognized Excellence

Ocean Hills tailors each patient’s treatment program to fit the unique needs of the individual best. Our treatment extends beyond just mental and physical health. Our programs address social issues, help our patients form healthy relationships with family members, and teach valuable life skills that enable our patients to succeed after leaving our clinic. Our clients’ success rate and long-term recovery results are excellent. 

In addition to our high success rate, Ocean Hills has been certified by CARF as a rehab facility with an excellent standard of patient care. CARF is an international body that supervises and certifies rehab facilities worldwide. We’re proud to offer Alabama addiction treatment patients with service that’s received CARF’s highest acclaim.

Medically Supervised Detox

Withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and unpleasant. Whether our patients are here for drugs or alcohol, we like to start things off with a careful detox program under the watchful eye of our staff. Ocean Hills works with local health professionals to ensure that our patients stay safe and comfortable through their withdrawal period.

Unique Programs For Unique People

We think it’s important to treat our patients as valuable, unique individuals. Our programs are custom designed to give them hope and tools for the future to combat their addictions effectively. We utilize a number of proven treatment techniques. Each patient goes through a customized program tailored to their individual learning style, history, and personality. Our programs teach our patients how to construct a support network, build productive habits and have a clean and healthy life.

Our programs include individual and group counseling, workshops, 12-step meetings, family therapy, and relapse prevention training. Our staff consists of registered addiction counselors, master’s and doctorate level therapists, and fully licensed medical professionals from many fields. We use techniques that work, as evidenced by our success rate. If you want your Alabama drug treatment program to be successful, look no further.

Addiction Caused By Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are often a major factor in our patients’ addiction issues. Living with bipolar disorder, major depression, or OCD is difficult. Well-intentioned self-medication or escapism with alcohol or drugs can quickly turn into an addiction.

Recovery specialists refer to patients with both an addiction and a significant mental health issue as “dual-diagnosis” patients. Ocean Hills offers a unique collaborative recovery program to our dual diagnosis patients. We ensure that they get the help that they need for all of their issues while building them a social safety net that can be used as a cushion to prevent relapse.

Family and Community

Our addiction center isn’t an island. At Ocean Hills, we try our best to get our patients’ families involved in the rehab process. Our patients won’t have access to our staff forever. Even if a patient’s family is in Alabama, we try to keep them informed and involved throughout the entire stay. After they leave, they’ll be able to rely on the continued support of the family network that they nurtured during their rehab program.

Affordable Rehab

Ocean Hills works with many major PPO networks, including Humana, Ameritas, United, Cigna, and several Blue Cross plans. Get in touch with us to verify that we accept your provider. If your insurance can’t help, we have several financing options that help make our services more affordable.

Your Alabama Drug Rehab Center… in California!

Don’t put up with addiction any longer. Ocean Hills provides world-class rehab services to Alabama residents at its beautiful South Orange County campus. Start the journey towards recovery with a journey to Ocean Hills to get the person in your life started on the path to a clean, healthy existence.