Come to Ocean Hills Recovery and Get a Fresh Start Away from Alaska

Alaska Drug & Alcohol Treatment and Distanced Substance Abuse

Residents of Alaska can breathe a sigh of relief for family and friends who are being consumed by the grips of alcohol and drug addiction. Ocean Hills Recovery, based in Dana Point California is the helping hand that you need at a time of uncertainty, gloom and hopelessness to provide healing, recovery and give hope for the future. Alaska residents can benefit from our detox services, drug treatment and alcohol rehab.

Located in a scenic location just off the coast of California, our goal is to provide a private yet serene environment for a successful rehabilitation process and a safe haven for all those going through one form of addiction or another.

Our drug and alcohol treatment

For a fully involving process for the family and the affected patient, we now have interventionists in the office of the State of Alaska, who we work hand in hand with. This aspect helps the family and the patient to come to terms with the need for help and rehabilitation and also prepares the two parties mentally and psychologically for the process ahead.

Since interventions can take different shapes, we try our best to make it much easier for the affected family and the afflicted person, stressing the importance of rehab and the benefits that it comes with. This approach helps the two most affected people; family and patient, to be relieved of any pressure and therefore have an all-inclusive and participatory process, which leads to mutual consent. Whether it is crisis intervention or Arise intervention, we are capable of providing a solution based approach, with the help of our interventionists to bring the best of both worlds to the table.

Environment change

There’s an age old saying that says, ‘A change is as good as a rest’. This is especially true when it comes to drug and alcohol addictions. Getting them out of that toxic environment is extremely important. This paves the way for a different mind-set, and a very important step towards rehabilitation. You can now leave behind the addictive influencing environment; of places, friends, routine and familiarity that represents the negative stuff. Studies have shown beyond reasonable doubt that a change in environment is the most effective way to change behavior. As human beings, we were created as creatures of habit, in relation to our surroundings. Once the familiar surroundings change, the routine we were used to becomes obsolete.

Travel should not be a very huge concern as Alaska has a very vibrant air transport network with over ten different air travel companies flying in and out of Alaska every day. It is only a four hour flight to California, and that is four hours to a new beginning and a new chapter in life. In this age of the internet, flights are only a click away thanks to sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Fare-Finder and Google flights among many others. If these travel sites are used, chances of getting timely, convenient and fairly priced flights to California are possible.

Tried and tested

Oceanic Hills Recovery Center has a 73% success rate which is very high when it comes to rehabilitation. There are various reasons for this success rate and includes many factors; from our highly trained and professional staff, to our rehab location. The combination of these factors working together results in the patient getting first class care, attention and guidance to kick out their respective addiction.

This in turn has huge benefits for addicted persons such as;

-Once someone is successfully rehabilitated, they see the world through different eyes; sober and realistic eyes. This is equal to getting a second chance at life.

-There is usually more purpose to life, a spring in the step of the rehabilitated person which provides hope for the future, and for a better life ahead.

-Once a person gets sober, they now get the opportunity to live healthier more productive lives, as they can now eat well balanced meals, and focus on themselves.


To make life even easier for the family and the addicted patient, Ocean Hills Recovery Center accepts most of the PPO insurance covers. This takes a huge burden off the shoulders of families and friends and provides relief knowing that your loved one will be well taken care of. This also gives the family time to concentrate on more important matters including healing and acceptance.

Drug and alcohol services at Ocean Hill

The services offered for drug and alcohol addicted patients are numerous, detailed and customized for each individual. We are aware that different patients take different roads to recovery, and ours is a flexible and versatile plan that takes that very important aspect into consideration. Our services include, and are not limited to;

-Clinical options; these include State licensed- Substance abuse treatment, medically supervised detox, Opiate/heroin treatment, alcoholism treatment, in-patient residential treatment and long term traditional programs.

-Counseling Services; these include; Group and individual counseling, caring and qualified staff who include Counselors and Psychiatrists, Family therapy, relapse prevention training and Life skills training.

And it does not stop there, we also have additional services which consist of Yoga class, art therapy, home cooked meals, beach activities and watching movies and free Airport pick-ups just to mention a few.

Fully- Fledged Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

At Ocean Hills Recovery we have developed a unique 12-step program that has played a big role in our success story as a rehabilitation center. Also known as the ‘Collaborative Recovery’, this program was developed by our able experts and aims at following a patient’s progress from the day they land at Ocean Hills. Their progress is followed and is tailored for each individual, to suit each ones recovery needs. In summary, the 12-step program includes;

  1. Admitting that one cannot control their addiction or compulsion.
  2. Recognizing a greater power that can give strength.
  3. Examining past errors with the help of an experienced member known as a sponsor.
  4. Making amends for these errors and learning to live a new life.
  5. Helping others who suffer from the same addictions or compulsions.

The 12-step program helps a patient to take the focus from themselves, and see the greater good of how soberness can help the family unit, society at large and the individual. The recovery is then made to have purpose and have the patient looking forward to a new and brighter day.

All this is only possible if you make the first and very important step of picking up the phone and making that call that will change your life or a loved one’s life forever. Go on, call us now; 866-303-2444.