Ocean Hills Recovery is the best choice for Rehabilitation and Recovery Center California Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehab

Are you thinking about going into drug rehab but can’t convince yourself to do it finally? At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand that it can be a huge struggle to make this life-saving decision. However, we also know that you’re already moving in the right direction because you’re here. With proven recovery methods and effective detox programs, we have helped many clients overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Although it is a mountain to climb to beat an addiction, we want you to know that it’s absolutely possible. Let us tell you more about our California rehabilitation program so you can anticipate what’s to come next in your quest for sobriety.

Finding Your Way Here

Our facility is located in California, which means it’s easy for you to travel here as a local. Even if you live on the other side of the state, there are many transportation options, including quick flights, that make it impossible to change your mind. We want to get you here and will work with you to make that possible. From using online travel websites to finding someone to drive you, there are many possibilities to travel to our rehab center.


Once you arrive at our facility, the next step is to begin detoxing from drugs or alcohol. This is the part that makes most people re-think doing rehab in the first place, but at Ocean Hills Recovery, we have worked hard to make this transition much more comfortable. We’ve done this by having a hard-working and understanding staff who will be here to help you through the toughest of times. We also have doctors who can provide you with the support you need until the drugs are out of your system. It’s important to us to make sure you succeed, so you can rely on every person to champion you from start to finish.

– Rehabilitation and Recovery

After the process of detox is over, it’s incredibly important to begin the process of rehabilitation. That’s why our experienced doctors and therapists will begin working with you right away. They utilize a number of proven concepts designed to help each individual recover in the most effective manner possible. These programs include but are not limited to:

– Alcohol Treatment, Drug Treatment, 12-Step Treatment

There are many layers to these programs that will help you learn more about yourself, the reasons why you became addicted, and the reasons why you have remained addicted. This will give you a chance to get more in touch with yourself and identify why giving up your drug of choice is beneficial. Comprehensive care such as this is a huge reason why Ocean Hills Recovery has a high success rate. We offer a multi-faceted approach that touches on all aspects of addiction because it’s more complicated than most people think.

Because you’ll be in our facility as you recover, you won’t have to worry about any outside environmental factors breaking your focus on getting better. You’ll become the priority in your life as you learn self-worth and begin to spark hope for your future, and save the most important relationships. It’s truly an amazing feeling for someone who has been through the depths of addiction to come out on the other side and begin to appreciate life again. Even if you’ve been to rock bottom, you can find purpose in life and regain your passion for having a long and bright future.

– Sober Living

One of the things you’ll learn while in your recovery program is how to beat addiction once you go back home. This is the key to continuing to live a sober life no matter what triggers or temptations you face regularly. While most people are ready to go back home once they have gone through their full detox and subsequent treatment program, some need a little bit more help mastering all that’s required to beat their addiction. For this reason, Ocean Hills Recovery offers sober living services that offer a more in-depth view of what living life without drugs or alcohol will be like.

Our sober living programs include a 30-Day residential program and a family-style sober living program. Both offer a supportive and drug-free living environment where you’ll be surrounded by other individuals who have beat their addiction, as well as a staff of friendly and knowledgeable care providers. If you know you need a little bit of extra help kick-starting your sober life, this type of program is a wonderful way to do so.

How Can I Pay for Treatment?

At Ocean Hills Recovery, our drug treatment program is made more affordable to individuals and families through our acceptance of many of the top PPO Insurance policies. These can significantly reduce the cost of treatment and make it much more manageable for those who need help. However, because we realize rehab isn’t covered by all insurance plans, we have alternative payment options available as well. This includes financing that eliminates the need to pay for treatment in one lump sum. We want to save your life, so please don’t let the cost of this service stop you; we are here to help.

How Can I Convince a Family Member to Come?

While there’s no guaranteed way to convince someone to go to California alcohol rehab, an intervention can be an effective way of appealing to their inner desire to live a sober life. Ocean Hills Recovery has experienced interventionists who are here to help you go through intervention and come out victorious. They can help you host an intervention that may be just the way to get your loved one to agree to receive help.

Is Treatment Worth it?

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we’ve helped countless clients with our proven drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Through this experience and a high success rate, we can say that treatment is absolutely worth it. We have saved lives and see addicts, even at their worst, come out on top and proud to say they beat their addiction.