Escape the Debilitating Cycle of Addiction – Get Treatment with Ocean Hills Recovery

Located in Orange County, California, Ocean Hills Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab facility specializing in inpatient recovery programs. Connecticut addiction treatment patients can find the quality care they need to defeat their addictions for good and begin living happy, productive lives.

Connecticut Drug Rehab Program - Ocean Hills Recovery

Why Ocean Hills?

Expanding your search to include out-of-state rehab facilities increases the chances that your insurance will work with a high-quality clinic. Ocean Hills is a CARF certified clinic with a proven record of success. The majority of our 90-day patients have lived without relapsing since their graduation. Ocean Hills is staffed by registered addiction counselors, licensed medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. With treatment programs customized to each patient and a beautiful California facility, we’re one of the best clinics in the country.

Affordable Rehab in Luxury

Ocean Hills works with various PPO insurance plans to keep its services affordable for Connecticut drug treatment patients. Speak with our staff or head over to our website to get details and determine if your insurance plan can work with Ocean Hills. If we can’t make things work, we can offer several financial options to stay at Ocean Hills more affordable.

Inpatient recovery programs include the cost of room and board already. A course of treatment at Ocean Hills is the same cost whether you live in San Diego or New Haven. The only added expense is travel, which can be arranged well in advance from your preferred internet booking service. Depending on insurance arrangements, choosing Ocean Hills can wind up being cheaper than choosing your local Connecticut rehab clinic.

The Benefits of Travel

Professionals who work in rehab agree that there are some upsides to utilizing an out-of-state facility like Ocean Hills. For one, the added commitment of travel makes patients more likely to stay for their full course of treatment. Rehab can be challenging at times, and even the most dedicated patient will consider leaving the program. Having to buy a plane ticket to get home makes that idea much less attractive.

Traveling to a rehab center also ensures that any toxic parts of a patient’s environment are behind them. Patients lose access to dealers and friends that encouraged their addiction. They’re also more removed from any stress factors that helped drive their addiction, enabling them to relax and get a fresh start on building healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Finally, many of our patients are concerned about their privacy. Utilizing Ocean Hills or another out-of-state facility means it’s much less likely for rumors about your rehab program to spread. Our staff, doctors, and nurses all stay in California when you leave, so we can’t gossip around town.

Don’t Start Alone

Ocean Hills understands that convincing someone to go to rehab is challenging. To help you stage an effective conversation, we work with local Connecticut interventionists to provide in-person support. Our trained interventionists will prepare you for a confrontation and teach you all of the techniques you need to overcome common defenses and rationalizations. By working with friends and family members, you’ll create a wall of solidarity that gently pushes the individual towards the help that they need.

Flushing Things Out

Any addiction treatment program at Ocean Hills Recovery involves a fully supervised detox period. The withdrawal period for many drugs (including alcohol) is uncomfortable and often medically dangerous. Ocean Hills carefully weans our patients off of their addictions with the full supervision of both clinic staff and local medical professionals. We make sure that this important process goes smoothly and safely for all of our patients.

Unique Programs for Unique Patients

Each program of treatment at Ocean Hills is customized. We assess and treat all of our patient’s mental and physical health, but we don’t stop there. Instead, we work with our patients to build habits, skills, and techniques that they can use to prevent relapse and live happy, fulfilling lives in the absence of their addiction. We build our treatment programs out of different elements based on our patients’ personality, history, and responsiveness to various therapy forms.

The time-proven techniques utilized by Ocean Hills include individual and group counseling, life skills and coping workshops, family therapy, relapse prevention training, and 12-step meetings. Our treatments are incredibly effective. 

Ocean Hills offers dedicated support for dual diagnosis patients. Individuals who come into our facility with a mental health diagnosis (like major depression, OCD, or bipolar disorder) are treated for both their mental condition and their addiction simultaneously. We’re extra diligent in building a robust social network for these patients, providing them medical treatment, and engaging them in programs to lift their spirits. All of our patients are people, and it’s important to us that they feel that way.

Going Forwards

It’s important to us at Ocean Hills that our training effectively prepares our graduates for life after rehab. We emphasize family therapy and social ties to ensure that each graduate has a support network that he or she can call on for encouragement, support, and help avoid relapse. We encourage our graduates to include Ocean Hills staff members, family members, and other trusted adults in these networks. As part of these networks, many of our staff members are still in contact with some of our patients who graduated years ago. They love hearing about how well our graduates are doing, and they’re always willing to lend a compassionate ear or some moral support in a time of need.

Familial Involvement

Our inclusion of family isn’t just at the end of the program. We try to keep family members involved and informed throughout the entire treatment process. Even if you’re stuck in Connecticut while your loved one is being treated at Dana Point, you can expect regular updates and communication.

Your Rehab Solution

Located in a beautiful beachside community, Ocean Hills Recovery offers an accredited facility and solid history of success to Connecticut alcohol and drug rehab patients. We’re happy to work with a plethora of PPO providers to make our services affordable to a wide range of patients. If you or one of your loved ones needs help fighting addiction, let your journey to recovery begin at Ocean Hills.