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If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, getting sober and achieving long-term recovery requires determination and diligence. It is important to find an addiction recovery center that provides the services and support needed to achieve total freedom from addiction. Ocean Hills Recovery is a premier addiction recovery center that will provide residents of Idaho with all they need to break free from substance abuse.

We have qualified drug interventionists.

A drug intervention is a structured, solution-oriented process undertaken to persuade someone who has a problem with drug or alcohol abuse to help overcome the addiction. Family, friends, and others involved in the person’s life use the intervention to demonstrate the extent of the effects of substance abuse or alcoholism and related behaviors.

This is important because most addicted people cling to the belief that they will overcome addiction on their own when they decide the time is right. Sadly this is often an unrealistic expectation. The addicted person continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, often breaking promises to remain sober or control their addiction.

Our drug interventionists are professionally trained to help the addicted person admit their substance abuse and seek treatment. They facilitate and supervise everything that takes place in an intervention.

A Safe Haven.

When the chaotic surroundings of addiction have overtaken your life, get Idaho drug rehab treatment in our alcohol and drug addiction center, where you can recover in a peaceful environment that is a safe haven from your daily struggles with alcohol or drug abuse.

In our facility, you can experience yourself without controlling the surroundings you overtly and subliminally associate with using. Freed from your everyday environmental triggers, you are not fighting against your unconscious self; you don’t have to negotiate your desire for recovery with the involuntary, swelling desire to use when you pass that street, when you sit on that sofa or when it’s your lunch hour at work.

Ocean Hills Recovery offers a uniquely serene and homelike atmosphere. Here, we facilitate treatment programs tailored to each client’s needs and utilize proven treatment modalities to impart the more significant change necessary for lasting recovery.

Traveling for Rehab.

Traveling to California is an effective option for rehab, as Idaho may not have the high-quality treatment options you desire. Traveling for rehab also puts you in the mindset of taking a journey toward recovery, allowing you a fresh start somewhere new. Having that physical separation can reinforce their commitment to sobriety and your Idaho drug treatment plan.

Air travel shouldn’t be a bother. Thanks to sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Fare-Finder, and Google flights, among many others, booking a flight to California is just a click away.

OHR’s Success rate.

We keep track of our success rates each year, and currently, we have a high success rate after one year. This sets a high standard for our industry, as anything over 50% is considered very good. Our success rates tend to be higher than the industry average because we focus on healing the total person – mind, body, and spirit. Other programs simply focus on stopping substance abuse, but they don’t do anything more to address social and emotional issues.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, treatment is abstinence-based, and our success rates are based on complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs. We understand that relapses can be part of a recovery journey, but for evaluation purposes, relapses or reduction in substance use are not included in our success rates.

Alcohol addiction treatment.

We fully understand the complexities of alcohol addiction and its causes and effects compared to other addictions. In preparing for a future free of alcohol, our Idaho alcohol treatment plan will help you implement changes and alternatives to responding to social pressures. We want each of our patients to recover to full mental and physical health, as well as renew their family, relationships, careers, and reputations.

Drug addiction treatment.

Our experts use evidence-based psychotherapy, medically assisted detox, stabilization methods, and various other therapies to help our clients start their recovery. Our intensive Drug Rehab Idaho treatments are designed to help people with drug addiction or drug abuse problems overcome their issues and start a clean life with all the tools and support they will need to live free from drugs.

Recreation Therapy.

Recreation therapy is an integral component of all of our Idaho rehab programs at Ocean Hills Recovery. Under our certified recreation therapists’ guidance, rec therapy activities stimulate a wide array of addiction recovery themes, such as fostering group problem-solving capabilities, learning to trust others, asking for help, and confronting compulsive behavior.

Residential Rehabilitation program.

We offer a well-structured live-in program where all community residents are joined together for a single purpose – to improve their well-being. This program treats addiction, drug misuse, and associated types of anti-social behavior. Group therapy, vocational counseling, anger management, one-on-one counseling, domestic violence counseling, psychological services, assertiveness training, and recreational activities are available to residents.

Day rehabilitation program.

Getting your life back on track after completing alcohol and other drug withdrawal program can feel isolating. We offer a rehabilitation day program for people who want continued guided support for their substance misuse recovery. The program allows you to remain at home to improve your overall health and wellbeing while surrounded by your support networks.

Full-fledged detox program.

Ocean Hills Recovery provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows for comfortable detoxification from alcohol and drugs, including heroin, opioids, and benzodiazepines. We offer a medically supervised stable detox, including a vitamin regimen and innovative natural remedies that ensure you are not over-or under-medicated during detox. We are the first step in living a healthy and sober life.

PPO insurance policies are accepted.

As a PPO network member, you can take great comfort in knowing your PPO insurance helps cover addiction treatment. So, put your insurance coverage to work by seeking treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery. We can offer you affordable therapy and counseling designed to support recovery. It should be noted that your PPO insurance provides coverage at basically the same rate as doctor and hospital visits, which is approximately 60–70%. The difference is paid out-of-pocket.

12-Step Program.

This is a guiding set of principles that, when practiced, leads to recovery from addictive behavior. Our 12-step program uses a spiritual approach that includes a belief in a higher power. Members define that higher power in their own way. The program emphasizes God’s presence as each participant understands him, allowing for different interpretations and religious beliefs.

Working the Twelve Steps involves:

  • Admitting that one has a serious, uncontrollable problem.
  • Recognizing that outside power could help.
  • Conscious reliance upon that power.
  • Inventorying and admitting character defects.
  • Seeking deliverance from these defects.
  • Making amends to those one has harmed.
  • Helping others with the same problem.

The Importance of Idaho Drug Rehab Treatment At Ocean Hills Recovery.

It gives you hope and purpose in life again. While there are many paths to recovery, only one is constant-and that’s hope. Without hope, there would be no motivation to get better. With no motivation, there would be very little meaningful action. Finally, with proper action comes improvement through a series of steps leading to a recovery plan and working the plan for years to come. Looking towards the positives in the future, evaluating your goals and how you can achieve them can help build a purpose for living, growing, and working each day towards your recovery.

It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Recovery from addiction is not easy, and staying sober is a daily battle. However, Ocean Hills Recovery’s environment encourages a healthy lifestyle during the recovery process, which increases your chances of remaining sober. Eating a well-rounded diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining self-care will help prevent relapse and promote lifelong healthy habits. Our innovative drug rehab program helps clients develop the tools needed to maintain a sober lifestyle not only while in treatment but long after they leave our care.

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