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Illinois Drug Rehab for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

If you’re looking for an internationally recognized rehab clinic with a promising success rate, consider Ocean Hills Recovery. Located in beautiful Dana Point, California, we work with many PPO insurance policies and local interventionists to make the transition from Illinois smooth and hassle-free.

Why Should I Choose Ocean Hills Over A Local Rehab Program?

Ocean Hills is about 2,000 miles away from Illinois. Addiction recovery clinics can be found all over the United States. So why should you choose Ocean Hills over a local program?

While travel can add some cost to your rehab program, many experts think that attending a rehab program far away from home increases the program’s chance of success. At the very least, it’s more appealing to stay the full course of a rehab program when travel home requires the purchase of a plane ticket. Recovery can be challenging, even if the patient initiates it. By choosing a faraway program, you make it more likely that the patient will stay the course and complete their rehab program.

Because our out-of-state patients are entirely removed from their normal environment, it’s easier for them to focus on recovery. The physical journey to Ocean Hills Recovery represents a major commitment in their battle against addiction. They’re out of reach of their normal dealers, any friends that enable their addiction, and everyday situations and places that might remind them of their drug habits. Ocean Hills is a perfect place for Illinois drug rehab patients to get a fresh start.

Finally, Ocean Hills works with a wide range of PPO insurance providers. By considering alcohol and drug rehab programs outside of Illinois, you make it more likely that you’re able to find quality care that works under your insurance plan.

Getting To Ocean Hills

Travel to Ocean Hills is done at your convenience. Our patients often get discounted flight tickets through Expedia or other internet services, use their frequent flier miles, or take late-night flights to help reduce cost. Flying doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s not always easy to convince an addict that they need to go to rehab. Ocean Hills works with interventionists in Illinois to help our patients’ families and friends stage a compelling conversation about addiction and recovery. Interventions bring multiple voices to the conversation, enabling you to get through to an addict who might ignore the pleas of a single person. With the help of a trained interventionist, you’ll be able to prepare a successful intervention and raise points that the addict cannot ignore.

Quality and Excellence

Ocean Hills’ recovery programs are successful at preventing relapse. We believe that every patient should receive a unique program of quality care customized to their needs, personality, and learning style. Our staff includes registered addiction counselors, therapists with master’s degrees and doctorates, and fully licensed medical professionals and psychologists. We rely on proven treatment methods, like individual and group counseling and the 12-step program.

Ocean Hills is proud to be recognized by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities. CARF is an independent organization that works with rehab facilities worldwide and recognizes programs with a high standard of patient care. CARF inspectors usually include ways for clinics to improve their care in the inspection report. After our last visit, the inspector told us he couldn’t think of anything we could do better.

Fully Supervised Detox Programs

After arriving from Illinois, drug rehab patients need to go through a detox period to get drugs and alcohol out of their systems. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and painful, even for alcoholics and short-term addicts. Ocean Hills staff members monitor patients through this difficult period with the assistance of local medical professionals. We want to make sure that our patients are safe and comfortable while they detox.

Individuals, Not Addicts

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we give our patients the hope and dedication they need to combat their addiction and move forward with their lives. To us, our patients aren’t addicts. They’re unique individuals who suffer from an addiction. We tailor each treatment program to best match each patient. By using treatment methods that match our patients’ responsiveness and history, we maximize our programs’ success.

While our programs treat the mental and physical health of our patients, we don’t stop there. It’s important to us that our graduates can combat their addiction after they leave our facility. To this end, we teach life skills, coping mechanisms and help our patients build a social network that they can use for continued support. We put a priority on involving our patients’ families with treatment. Even if you stay in Illinois and send your loved one to us, we’ll keep you informed and involved as our program progresses.

Programs for Dual Diagnosis

Individuals with both an addiction and a major psychological disorder are called dual diagnosis patients. Ocean Hills offers dedicated programs to assist people who have schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, and other mental conditions in addition to their alcohol or drug addiction. Our licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors help customize a program that treats the patient’s mental health. We understand that living with these conditions can be taxing and complicated, so we take extra care to help these patients build a social network that they can rely on to assist them in living clean, productive lives.

PPO Coverage With Many Plans

Ocean Hills can accept a wide variety of PPO plans, including United, Cigna, Ameritas, and Humana, and several Blue Cross plans. Get in touch with us or use our website to verify that we work with your provider. Even if we don’t accept your insurance, we can offer various financing options to help keep our services affordable.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Illinois Residents

Dana Point is a beautiful beach community in Orange County. If you or one of your loved ones needs treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, consider a trip to Dana Point to utilize Ocean Hills Recovery. We offer Illinois addiction recovery patients quality care through customized programs with a proven record of success. Contact us today so we can pair you with a local interventionist and check your insurance today!