Indiana Residents Choose Ocean Hills Recovery For Their Rehab Needs

Indiana Alcohol & Drug Rehab - A Distanced Facility

Located in the beautiful beach city of Dana Point, Ocean Hills Recovery is a leading drug addiction recovery center. Ocean Hills Recovery leverages its intimate setting to provide customized care for each patient. With fully qualified staff and a cornucopia of proven treatment methods, Ocean Hills is the last rehab center that our clients need. If you’re in Indiana and want to choose the best addiction treatment facility, we’d like to welcome you to our facility and help you better understand how traveling can benefit your recovery.

Isn’t Traveling Expensive?

For many, leaving home and traveling to a faraway rehab clinic increases the effectiveness of treatment programs. Travel removes the individual from their potentially toxic home environment. Not only does this make it harder for them to contact their dealer, but it also allows them to get an entirely fresh start. In a new city, surrounded by new people, it’s easier to build a set of productive new habits.

It’s true that traveling to California might not be as easy as driving to a northwest Indiana treatment center. This works out in your favor a lot of the time. At Ocean Hills, we work to make rehab a fun and pleasant process. Our patients are still tempted to abandon our programs and head back home to their addiction. This option is a lot less appealing if they have to fly. The added difficulty and cost of finding a plane ticket home is a factor that helps keep patients in rehab for the full duration of their programs.

Finally, experts agree that considering far away rehab centers helps you wind up with the best patient care. Your PPO insurance plan won’t be accepted at every Indiana treatment center, meaning you’ll only have a very small number of local clinics to choose from at the end of the day. Ocean Hills works with many PPO plans to make treatment affordable. We’re a CARF accredited facility with a high standard of patient care and a proven success record. When you compare us to the rehab centers in your area, we think we’ll come out on top.

How Do I Get The Patient To Ocean Hills?

The flying part is easy — we let our patients fly themselves out. Booked in advance, flights are relatively cheap on internet services like Expedia or Google Flights, especially when paired with frequent flier miles or a credit card rewards program. You’re free to use whatever service best fits your schedule and budget. Ocean Hills is located a few minutes south of John Wayne by car or about an hour and a half north of San Diego’s international airport.

The complicated part is getting someone to come to rehab in the first place. To help you with this, Ocean Hills works with local interventionists in Indiana to help you and you and your family through the process of confronting the addicted individual in your lives. Our interventionists will work with you to prepare points for you to bring up ways to defeat common arguments and rationalizations that the individual might bring up. By involving multiple people affected by the addiction, interventions can produce results where dozens of individual confrontations have failed. It’s much harder to ignore complaints when they come from a group.

Detox Programs At Ocean Hills

The first part of getting clean is flushing all of the drugs and alcohol out of your system. At Ocean Hills, we provide medical supervision during this critical withdrawal period. Round-the-clock monitoring from our staff and local health professionals ensures that all of our patients are safe and secure, no matter what substances they used in the past. We can’t make detox fun, but we do our best to make it comfortable.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Ocean Hills has fully licensed psychologists and psychiatrists as part of its regular working staff. We’ve developed a unique set of programs for our patients that also suffer from a mental health disorder. These dual diagnosis programs are specially designed to help those whose OCD, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder has influenced their addiction. We take extra care to ensure that these patients have a network of medical professionals and loving family members to reach out to should they need help to avoid relapsing.

Programs Made To Fit

At Ocean Hills, we think it’s important to treat our patients like individuals and not addicts. We believe that this helps instill a sense of hope and purpose that our graduates can use to move forwards. Unlike many other rehab centers, our staff stays in contact with our alumni for many years after they graduate. We don’t just help them stay clean. We’re genuinely interested in them and their lives, even when they go back to Indiana.

While we respect our patients’ individuality in many ways, the way we customize a unique treatment program for each patient is perhaps the most important. We understand that our patients come to us from different parts of the country with different backgrounds, histories, personalities, and learning styles. We want to preserve all of these things in our patients. Instead of fighting them and trying treatment methods that don’t work, we move on to different techniques that mesh better with each patient. We respect the fact that you might come from a tight-knit community in southern Indiana in our rehab programs.

The techniques used by Ocean Hills are proven to treat addiction effectively. We utilize a combination of group and individual counseling, 12-step meetings, workshops on various topics, relapse prevention training, and family therapy. Many of the techniques we teach will remain with our drug and alcohol patients after returning to Indiana, especially should they choose to continue attending 12-step meetings.

Many of our programs concentrate on connecting our patients with a network of individuals who care about them. We like to get the patient’s family involved as much as possible, even if they’re in Indiana. If you’re sending a loved one to rehab, you can expect regular communication and updates over the course of the program.

Covered By Many PPO Plans

Ocean Hills can’t accept every insurance plan, but we work with a wide variety of providers to make our services accessible. Some of the names we accept include Humana, Cigna, Ameritas, United, and several Blue Cross plans. Get in touch with us to find out if we can work with your insurance plan and provider. If we can’t, we still have various financial options we can utilize to help keep our services within your grasp.

Indiana Addiction Treatment

Our graduates speak fondly of the transformational time they spent in beautiful beachside Southern California. If you or your loved one needs to embark on a journey to a clean and healthy life, consider Ocean Hills. A top CARF accredited facility, Ocean Hills offers the highest possible standard of patient care and has a proven record of success. You’ll be glad you chose it.