Escape your Toxic Environment in Iowa and Start Fresh with our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Iowa Addiction and Rehabilitation Treatment

The road to acceptance for substance and alcohol abuse is not one that many want to go down. Before an individual can accept that he or she has a problem, the person goes through various emotional stages like frustration, denial, sometimes even depression, and isolation feelings.

The first step to recovery is seeking help. However, this stage alone can be a trying decision for the person involved, especially when it comes to choosing the right recovery treatment center.

Many elements need to be considered when choosing the right rehabilitation provider. What are the practices that will be used? Do they have a good recovery program? Does the facility offer a program that extends its intervention to the patient’s friends and family as well? Then there is the question of looking for a treatment center close to the home of the individual, too.

These are considerations that our facility can sufficiently answer, Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., located in Dana Point, California. If you’re looking for an Iowa drug rehab facility, considering us as an option may seem pretty unadvisable due to the distance and costs. However, our well-rounded system that caters to common rehabilitation concerns speaks a lot about our capability to help you. We expound on all of these below.

The benefits of flying out-of-state for rehabilitation

Our comfort zones always tell us to choose things that are familiar and common. However, the primary purpose of rehabilitation is to break away from harmful habits to get a new start again.

This is one of the reasons why flying out-of-state is preferred by those searching for help. While some people are more comfortable in a place that keeps them close to their family and friends, others need a change of environment to rebuild their lives again. Foregoing an Iowa alcohol and treatment facility and choosing one out of state like Ocean Hills frees individuals from distraction and also takes them out from a setting where they could easily remember the root of their problems.

The role of intervention in a successful recovery

Often, when an individual suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, it is not just him or her who carries the burden. The family, friends, and acquaintances of the person are affected as well. Thus the importance of intervention in the rehabilitation process.

An interventionist makes sure there is open communication between the loved ones and the individual seeking treatment. These professionals’ role is to encourage open dialogue between both parties to realize how substance abuse has impacted their lives. This unburdens both sides and increases the possibility of making the rehabilitation process more successful.

At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we have interventionists based in Iowa to ensure that even with the patient flying out, there are professionals who can guide and lend a helping hand to the patients and their family and friends. With just about two hours of air distance between the two states (tickets can be quickly booked through sources like Google Flights and Expedia) and interventionists that help with the smooth transition to the road to recovery, Ocean Hills is the perfect spot for those who want a change of environment without entirely cutting their ties with their loved ones.

Treatment: What is the healing process for addiction?

Various rehab centers boast of a multitude of programs and facilities that deal with substance and alcohol addiction. However, no two providers are really the same. In return, not all programs also promise the same success of results.

We offer a holistic program for drug and alcohol addiction. The facility employs the 12-step method, a comprehensive treatment designed to cover the expansive range of dependency and abuse problems, with a bio-psycho-social model. Together, we call it Collaborative Recovery, which involves a program specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.

Moreover, we also offer an inpatient residential treatment that involves around-the-clock healing. Unlike outpatient care, this inpatient program fully immerses the person in a whole new lifestyle that will prepare them for rejoining society again.

Another advantage of getting help with us is that we approach people who need help differently. Instead of thinking that their “wills should be broken” for them to heal, our professionals believe that the best way to overcome addiction and abuse is to build their self-esteem and self-worth. We do this by customizing our programs according to the patient’s specific history, individual response, and learning style.

The road to recovery

A successful recovery program requires a full-fledged drug and alcohol detox framework. To make sure that we help our patients develop the necessary skills needed to prevent relapse and perform as members of society, we offer the Sober Living Program, an approach that involves a housing situation in which those who are recovering are placed in a supportive living environment managed by one of our well-trained staff. Here, patients are taught the necessary mindset to help them adjust to society, like managing household duties, following house rules, and attending duties.

At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc, we only employ the best drug rehab, clinical staff, to better our patients. We are a CARF Certified Facility that uses evidence-based psychotherapy and holistic philosophy. This well-rounded approach is just one of the many reasons for our high success rate for our patients.

Moreover, the recovery center is also dedicated to providing affordable treatment to everyone who needs it. Unlike other rehab centers, we accept PPO insurance and also offer private financing for those who need help.

Choosing the right facility brings you a step closer to recovery. Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. might not be your first choice when looking for an Iowa drug rehab facility. Still, we do stick to our word of giving individuals a second chance they deserve through our well-designed programs and proven approaches.