Louisiana Rehab – Our Addiction Treatment Provides a New Life in a New Place

Louisiana Addiction Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Do you have a hard time finding the best options in Louisiana drug treatment for your loved one? Most people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction require a strategic change of environment. Getting away from toxic relationships, addiction triggers, and the guilt, shame, and hopelessness of past failures is often the only way to get a fresh start. Ocean Hills Recovery in California provides the atmosphere, tools, and resources that are most conducive to treatment success. We can provide your loved one with a seamless recovery plan that’s perfectly in line with his or her needs. We offer proven solutions that include dual diagnosis treatment, the tenets of the 12-set recovery process, skill-building, and long-term goal setting to help our clients radically revamp their lives and reclaim their freedom and health.

Start With Planned Interventions

One large part of finding an effective Louisiana addiction treatment plan for your loved one is simply getting this individual to admit that he or she needs help. Ocean Hills Recovery has several seasoned intervention specialists within Louisiana who can assist with this process. These professionals can stage an intervention with the entire family that will help your loved one recognize the need for both assistance and change. These events are emotional, life-changing, and life-affirming. They give everyone the chance to express their concern and support while showcasing the benefits of getting structured treatment for detox in a fresh, safe, and wholly supportive environment.

Getting To Ocean Hills Recovery In California

If your loved one has tried Louisiana drug rehab in the past without experiencing long-term success, this person may feel that all hope is lost. Offering the option to receive treatment in a new setting can set the stage for an entirely new approach to getting better. Best of all, countless online resources will make it easy to establish a convenient flight plan. You can use Google Flights, Expedia, Priceline, and many other web-based platforms to streamline and simplify these efforts overall. Moreover, Ocean Hills Recovery currently accepts many forms of PPO insurance for its 30, 60, and 90-day treatment programs. This limits the financial burden of securing essential and highly effective addiction help.

With an impressive success rate, the services and solutions offered by Ocean Hills Recovery are guaranteed to make these efforts worthwhile. In-House Detox Specialists Like many of the available options in Louisiana drug rehab, Ocean Hills Recovery center has its own in-house medical team for assisting clients through the most physiologically challenging aspects of the recovery process: detoxification. These professionals monitor patients’ health and well-being by measuring their vitals and taking steps to ensure overall comfort as the body undergoes a range of unpleasant chemical changes. Whether dealing with the delirium tremens caused by alcohol withdrawal, sweating, fatigue, nausea, or less severe drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, clients are given ample support for alleviating their discomfort and protecting their safety. More importantly, the appropriate medical care is always administered without creating the risk of secondary addictions. Pain-relieving medications with known addictive properties are rarely if ever, used in the treatment environment. Instead, medical practitioners use several trusted alternatives to produce desirable effects without unnecessarily impeding or delaying addiction recovery.

Identifying The Causes And Triggers For Addiction Via Individual And Group Counseling

Once detoxification is complete, patients are encouraged to explore both the underlying causes of addiction and their addiction triggers via group therapy and individual counseling. Individual counseling allows people to express hidden fears, repressed emotions and other, sensitive matters in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This is often where people identify self-sabotage patterns, destructive and negative behavioral conditioning, and difficulties in dealing with past, traumatic life events. This is also where patients are taught new skills to overcome addiction triggers and remain on the path despite any challenges or upsets that they might face moving forward.

Group therapy provides similar benefits in a shared learning environment while helping patients build better socialization skills that can be used when re-entering the real-world setting. Through group therapy, patients can connect with like-minded individuals who share their same goals, challenges, and addiction histories. The level of camaraderie that structured group therapy creates often keeps clients motivated and committed to seeing their treatment plans through.

Long-Term Life-Planning And Life Skill Development

Skill development and life planning are both parts of the multi-pronged approach that’s taken at Ocean Hills Recovery. These services help recovering addicts create solid, feasible life plans that can include career development and training, short and long-term housing plans, employment plans, and even plans for restoring lost relationships with minor children and other key family members. On-site counselors also help their clients identify all of the resources that will help them meet their goals.

Understanding The Importance Of Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

When shopping for different rehab options, Louisiana residents should always look for treatment centers that offer the benefit of dual diagnosis treatment. Many people who struggle with addiction often struggle with primary or secondary behavioral or mental health issues. These same issues can have chemical components that increase the risk of drug and alcohol addiction or exacerbated by drug and alcohol use. Identifying and treating behavioral disorders and other mental health issues is frequently the key to helping people attain lasting success in their recovery efforts. At Ocean Hills Recovery, dual diagnosis treatment can help people overcome triggers that lie outside of their realm of control. This treatment’s availability is especially important for all those who have tried and failed multiple times within the Louisiana drug and alcohol rehab system.

Support After Recovery

Another vital feature to look for in Louisiana drug rehab is the availability of long-term support. The professionals at Ocean Hills Recovery recognize that this is an ongoing process requiring continuous access to key resources, professionals, and support systems. Beyond sharing and stressing the 12-step recovery process’s tenets, Ocean Hills also offers options in Sober Living and other post-treatment resources for helping their clients stay motivated and on track. This continued commitment to our clients’ success that accounts for the impressive rate of success that Ocean Hills maintains.