Ocean Hills Recovery, Catered to Maryland Residents Seeking an Out of State Addiction CenterMaryland Rehab - Drug, Alcohol and All Other Substance Abuse

Maryland is the mid-Atlantic state known for being one of the smallest in terms of area. It is known mainly for its beauty and seafood that incorporates the use of crab in its recipes. What is sad is that amidst all of this rich and indulging culture, lies a battle against drugs. The statistics showing just how widespread addiction has become have helped serve as a wake-up call to many.

What research has helped us with, is isolating the main causes and reasons surrounding drug addiction. Additionally, what leads someone who is addicted back to the same routine. In spite of the many rehab centers surrounding the beautiful state of Maryland, the ineffectiveness of attending rehab locally seems to remain a problem. The reason behind this is because your environment fuels the addiction, especially if you have surrounded yourself with other users. The routine of going to a Maryland rehab center and coming out clean, only to return to the same habits, has been seen one too many times. In response, we have a solution here at Ocean Hills Recovery that has proven to be successful.

A Fresh Start in California

Staying in the same environment while battling drug addiction can seriously hinder your growth as a person and your ability to remain sober. The best solution for this is to leave the area. Our rehab center is located in California and provides the escape that you need during this period of your life. The reason this works to your advantage is that isolating you from the main causes that drive your return to addiction essentially resets your brain chemistry.

You will be free to have a new start in a different state where you can now receive professional and attentive treatment. The effect your environment has on you is not going to diminish your recovery. Maryland alcohol and drug treatment has shown to be less efficient because of its local ties. Far away from Maryland, you will cease to have the regular triggers or people that you were accustomed to, directly aiding you to build yourself a new life with new people that will assist you in your journey.


Ocean Hill Recovery provides high-quality services that leave no matter unattended. We even go as far as to source you with our own interventions in the state of Maryland to offer you and your family all the assistance you need to relocate. We hope to guide and educate you throughout the process. The interventions will act as a reminder of the importance of sobriety in your life. Your natural state of consciousness is where you will function best and enjoy life to the fullest, especially since you will have no withdrawal symptoms to worry about. Living a sober life is the best way to live life, and this has been proven over and over and can be proven once again by simply having a look at the life-cycle of addiction, which often ends with early death.

Travel Procedure and Insurance

If you have yet to travel to California before, we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Ocean Hills does its best to cheapen your migration from Maryland and guarantee that you receive the best treatment possible. You can easily book a flight using either Google flights or Expedia and be a step closer to saving yourself from addiction.

When it comes to insurance, we cover a variety of policies. Our facility accepts several forms of insurance including most of the PPO insurance policies. Ocean Hills Recovery makes sure that every aspect is handled carefully and that clients do not face any trouble with payments.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Rehab in Maryland has a low success rate when compared to Ocean Hills Recovery. This showcases our effectiveness and ability to achieve sobriety in a way that can be maintained after treatment. It’s a result of our high-quality services and programs that we incorporate into our treatment. The treatment programs focus on re-educating you on the importance of rediscovering your life. By focusing on building your self-esteem and self-worth and guiding you through a fun lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol, the program helps you put your addiction behind you. It is through this teaching of learning to have a good time in life without drugs that you will be able to break free from your addictions successfully.

Our facility also uses known methods such as the 12 step program that has a very high success rate with drug and alcohol addictions. Every step in the program uses principles that are strategized and designed to effectively eliminate both your addiction and cravings.

Ocean Hills further excels by taking personal factors into account for each individual. This includes physical health, mental health, social circumstances, living conditions, and family connections. These will all have a direct effect on the type of treatment you receive. By taking these factors into account, the level of service offered by Ocean Hill becomes very consistent for each patient.

Full-Fledged Detox Programs

The detoxifying process that your body needs to undergo is taken into consideration and a thorough detox program is available. Those who are heavily addicted are very familiar with withdrawal symptoms. As your body undergoes the transition process into sobriety, these withdrawals will start to fade. The suffering you go through as your body learns to function without a chemical dependence is inevitable. Every step is taken to assist you in this transition process.