Michigan Drug and Alcohol Treatment Recover from your Addiction at OHR – A Distanced Michigan Rehab Center

For many people who struggle with drug abuse or alcohol addiction, the best recovery centers are never within driving distance. If your loved one has been to multiple Michigan drug treatment facilities and has yet to attain lasting success, attending Ocean Hills Recovery in Southern California could be their best bet. We maintain an impressive, 73 percent success rate. We’re also committed to offering integrated and individualized care for meeting the unique needs of every client. That’s why we’re known as the inpatient drug rehab Michigan residents prefer. We offer dynamic, end-to-end solutions that start with our seasoned, intervention specialists and span all the way through our clients’ return to healthy, happy and substance-free living.

Why Michigan Drug Rehab Can Be Counterproductive For Michigan Locals

Attending Michigan drug rehab can often be counterproductive for someone who hails from Michigan. Although an inpatient facility removes a person from the outside world during the most formative stages of the recovery process, these treatment centers do not allow for any significant break from unhealthy, codependent relationships or negative influences. They are never given the chance to freely engage in essential self-discovery, outside of an environment that has long been tainted by their own mistakes, guilt and shame. As such, going to Ocean Hills Recovery gives people a real opportunity to make a fresh start. It also provides a new and supportive environment that will promote self-sufficiency, higher levels of self-confidence, resolve and strength, and a far greater desire to achieve and maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

We’ll Help Get Your Loved One To Our Treatment Center

Although the prospect of forgoing the local options in Michigan drug and alcohol treatment in favor of California care might seem like a daunting choice, we can offer various forms of help to make this important transition a seamless one. To start, we have Michigan intervention specialists on hand who can assist you in staging a powerful meeting for convincing your loved one to seek the help that he or she needs. Our experience has taught us that families have a much greater chance at convincing their loved ones to receive addiction treatment when they present a united front. If you’ve been struggling to encourage a family member who struggles with addiction to seek help, it’s important to remember that there is always greater strength in numbers.

Beyond arranging and supervising an intervention, our team can also refer you to a number of helpful online resources that will assist you throughout the planning process. In addition to Google Flights and Expedia, there are many other free, web-based platforms that will make it easy to establish budget-friendly and convenient travel arrangements. Best of all, you’ll find that we accept a variety of PPO insurance plans, which makes it much easier for families to access the care their loved one needs at an affordable cost.

Detox And Beyond

Much like every local Michigan drug rehab center, we offer a multi-pronged recovery process that starts with detoxification. From the moment your loved one enters our facility, he or she will have to adhere to the rules of an entirely drug and alcohol-free zone. More importantly, all of our clients have access to an experienced team of medical professionals who can help make the detoxification process a safe and easy one. They have the training and skills for mitigating the symptoms of delirium tremens as well as many other common side effects of drug and alcohol withdraw.

Our team is also well-versed in protocols for ensuring that the mitigation strategies used during detox do not derail future treatment plans by creating entirely new addictions. Before encouraging our patients to start group and individual therapies, we’re committed to learning all that we can about individual addiction and health histories. We offer one of the best programs in dual diagnosis treatment in our industry for assisting patients with behavioral disorders and other mental health issues that are frequently believed to be at the heart of drug and alcohol addictions. These are problems that can definitely diminish a person’s chances at success if they are not accurately diagnosed and treated as part of the rehabilitative process. If your loved has unsuccessfully tried rehab in Michigan before, dual diagnosis treatment may be the solution that he or she needs.

Group And Individual Counseling, Workshops And Seminars

Much like any other options in inpatient drug rehab, Michigan locals have access to our center offers both group and individual counseling. Many aspects of our treatment plan adhere to the basic tenets of the well-known, 12-step recovery program. This program encourages both accountability and forgiveness. It also encourages patients to forgive themselves and sets the stage for making a truly fresh start. Individual therapy is employed to help people learn more about their addictions, the causes of these addictions, the related triggers, and the best coping mechanisms.

People will find a safe, and non-judgement atmosphere within individual therapy that allows them to explore the long-term effects of early behavioral conditioning, traumatic events, and poor self-esteem. Group therapy is provided to assist in the development of strong social skills and to help patients gain new insights about others and themselves that will prove beneficial as they enter the real-world setting. Various seminars and workshops are also provided that address subjects such as relationship development, housing, life planning and vocation.

Sober Living And Beyond: Getting Ready For Life In The Outside World

After attending one of our one-month, two-month or three-month, inpatient programs, our clients are not simply released and forced to make do on their own. We offer options in sober living for all Michigan drug rehab patients who wish to continue the path to recovery in the Southern California area. We also go out of our way to ensure that all clients are armed with both feasible life goals, and the necessary tools and resources for achieving them. This is what accounts for our unprecedented success rate and our reputation as being the best Michigan rehab facility for those who are committed to getting well.