Curb your Addiction with Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Addiction Treatment for Minnesota at Ocean Hills Recovery

Sunny Southern California contains more than sandy beaches and warm weather. It’s home to one of the top alcohol and drug treatment facilities in the country. Located in a scenic beach community known as Dana Point, Ocean Hills Recovery is an internationally accredited rehab facility with an impressive long-term success rate. Its graduates remember the stunning location and quality care they received for the rest of their clean, productive lives.

Traveling Improves The Success Of Rehab

Many professionals who work in rehab think that attending a program far away from home can increase the chance of getting clean for good. At the most basic level, the farther away a facility is, the harder it is for patients to abandon a program in progress. From a Minnesota addiction facility, home is a car ride away. From Dana Point, you’d need to take a plane. This can be a powerful deterrent that helps a patient find the motivation to stay the course and finish their treatment.

Privacy is an important concern to some patients. Most addicts don’t want their employers, co-workers, and family friends to find out their addictions’ details. At a Minnesota drug treatment program, patients might encounter doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who could spread rumors about their addiction around town. Patients could be sighted entering or leaving the clinic or when out for recreational activities. Ocean Hills’ remote location offers improved privacy to our out-of-state patients. You’ll still meet plenty of medical professionals and other patients during the course of your rehab program, but they’ll stay in California when you leave.

Ocean Hills provides an opportunity for our patients to get a fresh start in life. Traveling to a faraway facility offers a literal escape from local problems, temptations, and dealers. This translates directly into fewer opportunities to relapse during a rehab program and offers patients an opportunity to build a fresh set of healthy habits.

Even if there are many drug treatment and sober living facilities in your area, your insurance won’t be accepted by all of them. The ones that do accept your insurance might not offer the quality patient care that you need. Expanding your search to include top out-of-state facilities like Ocean Hills makes it more likely that the center you choose will be both effective and affordable.

Arranging Your Flight

Inpatient treatment programs like Ocean Hills include room and board. This means they cost the same regardless of where the patient lives. The only added cost is a plane ticket, which can be purchased in advance from your favorite discount travel website. Frequent flier miles and economy airlines can reduce this cost even further.

Ocean Hills is close to two airports, John Wayne and San Diego International Airport. John Wayne is a few minutes away from Ocean Hills by car while San Diego is under two hours.

Starting Things Off

Ocean Hills works with local Minnesota interventionists to help you confront the person addicted in your life. Even if you’ve failed to have a productive conversation in the past, our interventionists can teach you techniques to break down barriers and help quell arguments. Interventions are a key tool for convincing people to seek treatment. By involving multiple people who an individual cares about, you’ll send a powerful message that can’t be ignored.

Proven Success

CARF is an international organization that recognizes exceptional rehabilitation facilities around the world. While Ocean Hills is proud to be recognized by CARF for its high quality of care, we prefer our graduates’ compliments. As part of our treatment programs, we help our patients build social networks to support them as they move forwards as productive members of society. Our staff members provide lasting support to our graduates, often staying in touch for months or years. When our alumni tell us that they’re staying strong and clean, it means much more to us than any certificate ever could.

We get this sort of feedback frequently. 

Safe, Comfortable Detox

Many of our patients come to us with a serious chemical dependence on their substance of choice. When a patient arrives from Minnesota, their alcohol or drug rehab begins with being weaned off their addiction. Ocean Hills works with local medical professionals to ensure that every withdrawal period is as safe and comfortable as possible. Our staff continually monitors the condition of each patient during this critical juncture.

People, Not Problems

At Ocean Hills, we think of our wards as people, not addicts. We tailor every treatment program to match the unique history, needs, and receptiveness of each patient. Our proven methods include skills workshops, individual and group counseling, 12-step meetings, and relapse prevention training. We work with our patients to help them develop productive habits and teach them life skills they can use after graduation to find healthy, fulfilling careers to keep them happy and busy.

Connected And Strong

As part of our treatment programs, we work with our patients to develop a social network that they can use for support, encouragement, and as a safety net to prevent relapse. We make it a priority to involve the families of our patients, even if they’re out of state. You can expect regular updates and communication from your loved ones at Ocean Hills as they progress through their treatment program.

Affordable Rehab

Rehab is expensive. At Ocean Hills, we accept a wide variety of PPO providers to help keep costs down for you. Our list of accepted plans includes Ameritas, Humana, United, Cigna, and several Blue Cross options. Check with our staff to see if we can accept your plan. Even if we can’t work with your insurance, we can offer several financing options that might put our services within your reach. We do everything we can to make our rehab affordable. 

Minnesota’s Best Rehab Choice

Minnesota drug treatment patients enjoy quality patient care from a proven facility when they travel to California and choose Ocean Hills Recovery. A CARF accredited facility, Ocean Hills’ customized treatment programs are administered by a staff of licensed professionals and registered addiction counselors. Our beautiful facility and dedication to patient care make us a great choice for those looking to start a journey to a clean, productive life.