Mississippi Residents Can Now Come to Ocean Hills RecoveryPut an End to Drug, Alcohol, or Other Substance Abuse at our Rehab Center in Southern California

With Mississippi drug and alcohol use on the rise, it’s estimated that over 23% of Americans are addicted to these substances. Unfortunately, only 11% of these individuals actually seek help through treatment, and an even smaller percentage attempt to quit on their own. Do you want to beat the statistics and become part of the percentage that overcomes their addiction? There is hope. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we help individuals beat their addiction, discover their self-worth, and learn the tools it takes to live a sober life for the rest of their life. If you’re ready to change, then all you need to know about rehabilitation with us is given below.

We’re based in California, so You Eliminate Triggers and Toxic Environments.

When it comes to beating a drug or alcohol addiction, it can feel impossible to accomplish your goal when you’re always surrounded by the people and places that make you want to use. While there’s no way you can avoid certain things forever, taking a break from the toxic environment can give you a chance to reset your perspective on your life. This is why we recommend coming to our facility in California rather than going to rehab in Mississippi.

While you’re at our center, you’ll be able to push your environmental triggers out of your mind so you can intensely focus on the treatment program we create for you. This includes learning tools that you can use to cope with your triggers when you go back home, which can help increase your chances of staying sober for life. Although we realize leaving home is hard, it’s worth it for the simple fact that you’ll be moving towards saving your life.

It’s Easy to Find Your Way Here

Finding a flight from Mississippi to our location in California is easy with resources such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Kayak. There are both nonstop and flights with stops so that you can choose based on your individual preferences. However, we recommend selecting a nonstop flight to ensure you don’t change your mind on your way here. If possible, we also recommend having someone fly with you to give you confidence in coming here and walking through our doors. It’s a big step, but you’ll be glad you did it when you see how friendly, caring, and experienced our staff is.

Have you been trying to convince a loved one to go to drug rehab in Mississippi? While you have good intentions, it can be difficult to break through to someone in their addiction depths. One of the biggest reasons is that they may not want to stay in the area where reminders and triggers surround them. For this reason, our California-based facility may be the right fit. To help you effectively explain to your loved one more about how the treatment works, we have experienced interventionists in Mississippi that can assist. With their intervention techniques, they may be able to appeal to your loved one’s heart and get them to agree to treatment.

We Have a High Success Rate

One thing that makes us so different from most Mississippi alcohol and drug rehab centers is that we have a high success rate. This is thanks to our multi-faceted approach that includes effective treatment plans, personalized care, experienced doctors, and a myriad of resources available to our clients at all times. Our ultimate priority is to see you succeed, which is why we do everything possible to help you detox, recover, cope, and learn tools for living a sober life. We understand the reality of addiction and use that perspective to help you overcome it.

Our Services are for Both Drugs and Alcohol

Trauma and complicated emotions can manifest themselves in different ways, which means for some, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and others doing drugs. Due to the fact that both of these addictions are similar in how they are treated, we work with individuals who are suffering from both. However, we always create personalized treatment plans because we understand that each person and their addiction is unique. Your individual treatment solutions will be determined only after we’ve evaluated you and have had a chance to speak with you about your background.

One of the most significant components of our treatment is helping our clients go through detox. This can be a challenging feat, but our highly trained and experienced staff has the tools and knowledge needed to help you through it. We’ll remind you every minute why you’re detoxing and give you a reason to push through. With our proven detox methods, you’ll be able to get through treatment understanding your self-worth and pushing towards better every day.

We Accept Insurance and Offer Alternative Payment Options

Another thing that sets our rehabilitation center apart from most Mississippi rehab centers is the fact that we accept many PPO insurance policies. We will work with you to determine if your policy is accepted and give you a detailed plan of what’s covered if it is. If your insurance plan is not accepted, you’re not left without options. We offer financing alternatives that can help make paying for Mississippi drug treatment much easier. If you have any concerns about not being able to afford treatment, don’t let that stop you from saving your life. Contact us to discuss your individual options, and we’ll help you determine which is best.

An Opportunity to Change Your Life

Getting sober is a challenge but will save your life. While there are many Mississippi rehab centers you can go to in your area, we recommend going out of state to Ocean Hills Recovery to give yourself the best chance of an effective rehabilitation. With our guidance and our proven rehabilitation process we can help you turn your life around and work towards goals that you may have never thought you’d meet. What do you want to do with your future? Once you become sober and learn your self-worth, you’ll be able to make plans and appreciate every day that much more.