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New York Drug Rehab & Addiction Recovery Center

Beating an addiction is no easy accomplishment, which is why someone recovering from an addiction is so incredibly proud of each day that they’re able to claim to be drug or alcohol-free. They know how hard they worked to overcome their attachment to their drug of choice, so they celebrate their sobriety and make it a point never to forget where they came from. If you’re currently addicted to drugs or alcohol and are looking for a way out through New York drug rehab, then you’ve come to the right place. Even just the thought of getting sober is a great head start and push in the right direction. The sense of pride so many feel after being their addiction is something you can find with the right help.

Who Are We?

We are Ocean Hills Recovery in California. We’re a treatment addiction center with a proven track record of success. In fact, we boast a high success rate that’s thanks to our highly trained staff, dedication to helping our clients, and full-fledged drug or alcohol treatment solutions. If you’ve searched drug rehab in New York, you might be wondering why looking at a facility located on the other side of the country is worth your time. We want to take a few moments to share with you why we feel the temporary move to a new location is so worth it:

– Break From Your Environment

How many times have you used drugs or alcohol simply because the environment that surrounds you is toxic? If you’re like most, it’s more times than you can count. Even something as simple as a local bar or someone you live next door to can trigger you to use, which ultimately contributes to the cycle of addiction never-ending. To break free from this, it’s worthwhile to go to a treatment center in a completely new area. This will give you a chance to break from those typical environmental triggers so you can focus on getting sober and getting better.

– A Chance to Focus

When you’re at our facility, your focus will 100% be on our program and what you can do to get sober and stay sober. If you were to go to rehab in New York, this might not be the case. Being too close to home could cloud your mind and leave you with inner turmoil as you always wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Give yourself a break from what you’re used to by changing your scenery and forgetting about all the ways you could continue using.

How Can We Help You?

First, we help you determine how to pay for treatment, as we know this is a major concern for both families and individuals who seek rehabilitation. We’re proud to say that we accept many PPO Insurance policies from some of the industry’s top insurance companies. However, we understand that not all clients have the right type of insurance, so we also offer financing options that make affording treatment much less stressful. The cost of this should never stop you from taking advantage of it, as it can save your life. If you need help determining the right option for payment, we would love to speak with you.

The next step in the process is to determine how you’re going to get here. While going to a New York drug rehab center would mean not having to travel very far, that’s not the case with a trip to our California facility. While the journey might be slightly longer, it’s worth it for the world-class rehabilitation services we offer and the high success rate we’re proud to talk about. Fortunately, the flight here is not long and can be made easier with first-class, priority boarding, or many other extras. There are also travel services such as Expedia and Kayak that can help make it easy to find a budget-friendly flight.

What if you’re a family member who can’t get your loved one living in New York to go to rehab? If you’ve talked to them about New York addiction treatment in the past and they brushed you off, it may be time to host an intervention. Ocean Hills Recovery is here to help you with this, as we have highly trained interventionists in New York who can help. They will work closely with you to appeal to your loved one’s heart and tell them why recovery is so important to you. By explaining more about our facility, they may be swayed to seek the help that they need finally.

What Treatment Options are There?

It’s very common to find New York alcohol treatment centers that are completely separate from New York drug treatment centers. However, because these addictions are similar, they can both be treated at the same facility. This is why we offer full-fledged detox and rehabilitation for both drugs and alcohol right in our beautiful recovery center. Whether you’ve been using drugs or alcohol, you can come to California and use our services to help you heal and begin the process of recovery. We personalize treatment for each and every patient because no two people are exactly the same.

While we utilize effective treatment solutions such as 12-step programs, we also focus on teaching our clients tools for resisting urges and triggers once they get back home. This will help ensure they can continue their sober living in New York with a strong sense of accomplishment and passion for continuing on this path for the rest of their lives.

Is It Worth it?

YES. Getting sober will save your life. At Ocean Hills Recovery, the best part of our service is seeing our clients leave with a new passion for life. We see how much our addiction treatment helped them and how dedicated they are to sober living, no matter how difficult it might be. For those who need a little extra time, we have many options for sober living that can give anyone the kick start they need before going back home. One thing we love to hear is “I’m so glad I came,” which only gives us the motivation to help more people deal with their addictions.