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North Carolina Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Treat your Addiction

Do you have a loved one who’s been in and out of North Carolina drug rehab facilities without ever experiencing any notable progress or success? If this person happens to be a North Carolina resident, their inability to thrive in these treatment environments is not surprising. Attending North Carolina drug treatment centers never gives locals a chance to get a truly fresh start. For the individual with the addiction, this can mean being surrounded by codependent family members and friends, unhealthy relationships that are only conducive to further drug abuse and a history of guilt and shame. This is why Ocean Hill Recovery offers the options in drug rehab North Carolina families prefer. We’re committed to maintaining a treatment environment that fully supports the long-term success of the individual. In fact, many of our patients go on to lead happy, healthy, drug and alcohol-free lives.

How To Get Started With Ocean Hills Recovery

When witnessing the rapid, downward spiral that drug and alcohol addiction causes, many family members are anxious to obtain the fastest solutions possible. Your interest in protecting the well-being of your loved one from the ongoing ravages of addiction, however, should never cause you to choose the wrong North Carolina drug rehab options for ensuring lasting health. Although Ocean Hills is miles away, getting your loved one to commit to treatment and to the location in which treatment is administered can be a very swift, seamless, and hassle-free process. It all starts with the careful planning of our North Carolina intervention specialists. Our intervention specialist will help you arrange for a dynamic and effective intervention by showing you and your relatives how to put up a united front while offering the necessary support and encouragement for ensuring a positive and life-affirming decision. This is the perfect time to tell your loved one about the impressive success rate that Ocean Hills Recovery maintains while listing the many benefits of seeking treatment in a brand new and far more supportive environment. Getting to Ocean Hills Recovery and dealing with the associated costs is virtually guaranteed to be seamless and easy as well. To make sure of this, we accept a range of PPO insurances. We also regularly advise our clients and their families to take advantage of online resources for travel planning that includes Google Flights and Expedia among many others. These free and trusted online platforms will make it easy to find affordable airfare and a convenient flight plan.

Medically Assisted Detox Services

While you might be leery of having your loved one undergo the challenges and risks of the detoxification process all the way in California, you can rest assured that our talented team of medical professionals will always be on hand to mitigate the dangers of physical and emotional withdrawal. At Ocean Hills Recovery we are fully prepared to deal with the challenges of delirium tremens and all other serious side effects caused by drug ad alcohol detoxification. Our seasoned medical professionals will ensure that your loved one remains comfortable throughout the entirety of this challenging process. They will, however, make every effort to limit the potential for secondary addictions to prescription pain medications and other prescribed drugs by distributing these on a wholly as-needed basis. The goal of these efforts is to make detoxification as easy as possible without compromising the overall treatment process.

Encouraging Patients To Take A Proactive Approach To Their Own Recoveries

North Carolina drug rehab patients who attend treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery center are immediately encouraged to take a proactive approach to their own recovery plans once the detoxification process is complete. This involves attendance in both group and individual therapy sessions that are focused on discovering new coping mechanisms and new skills for dealing with both challenging life events and the potential for temptation post-treatment. Individual therapy provides a safe environment for sharing personal issues that might reveal the underlying causes of a person’s addiction. These can range from negative behavioral conditioning to traumatic life events. Through individual therapy, patients can rebuild their self-confidence, identify their addiction triggers, and set the stage for long-term success. Throughout the entirety of these efforts, we also encourage our patients to follow the 12-step recovery plan. Group therapy provides a range of benefits both for the individual and for all others who are simultaneously participating in the program. These meetings help recovering addicts build social skills that will benefit them in the real-world setting. They also give patients the chance to share important details about their addiction histories and their struggles throughout the treatment process.

Understanding The Benefits Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we place a strong focus on the benefits of dual diagnosis recovery. Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction may be dealing with simultaneous mental health issues or behavioral disorders. Problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and chronic anxiety or depression can make long-term success in recovery infinitely more challenging. Identifying these problems and resolving them will increase a patient’s ability to successfully stay true to the course. Undiagnosed mental health issues can be exacerbated by drug and alcohol use. These can also serve as the very triggers that have prompted drug or alcohol addiction to begin with.

Planning For A Successful And Drug-Free Life

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we are proud to maintain one of the highest success rates in our industry. We foster this level of success by offering all of our clients’ multi-pronged treatment plans that include life-planning resources and skill-building tools for ensuring a successful reentry into the real-world setting. Our clients are encouraged to established feasible and manageable life goals that keep them motivated and looking ahead. We also make sure that every patient is able to connect with the resources that he or she needs for bringing these goals to fruition. Whether completing our 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day programs, our clients receive counseling and guidance to assist with any needs relating to vocational training, housing, and post-treatment support. We also provide a number of options in sober living for North Carolina rehab patients who wish to continue their recovery plans in California after their initial treatment programs are complete.