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North Dakota Drug & Alcohol Dependence Recovery

If you’re in search of the best North Dakota rehab facility for your loved one, Ocean Hills Recovery may be a better option than a local facility. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are widespread, you’re never restricted to choosing a program in your immediate area. In fact, people often have the greatest chance at success when they have an opportunity to break away from familiar environments, leave unhealthy relationships behind, and start fresh in areas that aren’t defined by the shame, guilt, and mistakes of their past. That’s why Ocean Hills Recovery continues to be one of the top options in North Dakota rehab despite its California address.

We Make It Easy To Get Your Loved One To Commit To Treatment

We’ve got trained intervention experts right in North Dakota who can help you and your family stage an effective intervention. Our intervention specialist will help you create a united front and a supportive, loving environment for successfully encouraging your loved one to make the right choice. These meetings are often far more effective than having one family member advocate for treatment on his or her own. They also serve as the perfect opportunity for outlining the benefits of going to a North Dakota drug rehab center that isn’t in North Dakota at all. This is especially important if your family member has had a number of unsuccessful experiences in North Dakota drug treatment centers in the past. These failed attempts at breaking addiction can make people feel hopeless. With a chance to start fresh and in an atmosphere that’s guaranteed to foster success, many are eager to give themselves another shot at healthy living. This is also a good time to bring up the fact that Ocean Hills Recovery offers end-to-end support and maintains a very impressive success rate of lasting recovery.

Starting North Dakota Alcohol Treatment In California

Whether your loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, addiction to illicit drugs, or prescription pill addiction, the thought of getting this person all the way to California might seem daunting. Many people who attend the treatment programs at Ocean Hills Recovery, however, are able to streamline the planning process and cut their travel costs by taking advantage of a few, common and incredibly easy-to-use online platforms. From Google Flights to Expedia, you’ll have no difficulty in locating an affordable and convenient flight that will take your loved one to our location. Moreover, we accept a broad range of PPO insurances and this means that there are plenty of ways to limit the overall costs of treatment.

Take Advantage Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

One of the top reasons why Ocean Hills Recovery is widely hailed as providing the drug and alcohol rehab North Dakota locals can trust is our ongoing commitment to dual diagnosis treatment. Our experience has taught us that drug and alcohol addiction are rarely standalone problems. There are many people who battle mental health issues and behavioral disorders that include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic depression, and even debilitating anxiety among other things. Unless these issues are identified and treated as part of a patient’s drug or alcohol rehab plan, addiction will likely recur. It is also important to note that both drug and alcohol use can make these conditions far more difficult to diagnose outside of the addiction treatment environment. Moreover, substance abuse can worsen the symptoms of many mental health issues and behavioral disorders, thereby making life all the more unbearable for those who suffer from these things. Due to this fact, dual diagnosis treatment provides an expansive range of benefits, not the least of which is a significantly higher life quality overall.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Beyond mental health issues and behavioral disorders, our patients discover that there can be many underlying causes for their addictions. Drug and alcohol use is often an unhealthy coping mechanism that has spiraled out of control. Addiction can be the result of negative, behavioral conditioning that occurred during the formative stages of life, but yet continues to undermine the individual’s sense of self-worth and overall self-esteem. These are all things that are addressed as part of the rehab that Ocean Hills Recovery provides. All patients are introduced to the values and tenets of the 12-step recovery program and are required to attend workshops, group counseling, and individual counseling. Cumulatively, these things foster a greater sense of self-awareness, higher self-confidence, better coping skills, and enhanced strategies for dealing with temptation. Best of all, this is all work that can be done away from codependent relationships, and unhealthy friendships that are virtually guaranteed to subvert a recovering addict’s efforts to succeed.

Entering Detox

The first and most important part of any North Dakota drug rehab program is the detoxification process. This remains true, even if North Dakota residents opt to receive their treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery. Detoxing patients are carefully monitored by a seasoned team of medical professionals. These individuals regularly check the vitals of their patients, administer medications to mitigate the symptoms of delirium tremens and assist all patients in maintaining an acceptable level of comfort throughout the worst of this very trying process. The overarching goal of our medical supports team is to make sure that patients complete the detox process safely and without developing any new reliance upon pain medications or other prescription drugs. Once detoxification is finished, our patients are ready to take a more proactive role in their recoveries and can begin attending therapy, workshops, and seminars that support their new and more health-oriented goals.

Developing Skills For Success

As you shop around for a North Dakota drug rehab facility for your loved one, the most important feature to look for is long-term support. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we’re committed to seeing our patients through their entire journeys. That’s why our programs include goal planning, skill-building, vocational planning, housing concerns, and more. We even offer options in Sober Living facilities for those who want to continue reinforcing their commitment to sobriety in the area. With our help, patients can establish feasible plans for their lives that keep them focused, on track, and motivated to succeed. That is why our clients go on to lead healthier, happier, and far more successful lives.