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You know things have gotten bad. There’s no question about it. However, the fact that you are here means that you want to get help for yourself or your loved ones living in the great State of Oregon. But are things actually bad enough to warrant the need for rehabilitation, much less a significant move?

In truth, you’re not alone. Over 20 million people need immediate treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, but only a fraction of them receive the help. So while you might not fall under part of these statistics, you don’t need to be physically addicted to a substance to benefit from our drug and alcohol treatment services at Ocean Hills Recovery. If alcohol and drug abuse is causing massive negative effects in your life, it’s time to take a much closer look. I’m sure there are plenty of decent Oregon sober living facilities around your state, so why should you make the conscious decision to seek addiction treatment all the way in California?

We’re glad you asked. In addition to being one of the most prominent detox and sober living facilities in the country, Ocean Hills Recovery boasts an impressive success rate. Moreover, research and addiction studies actually show that by moving a person far away from their potentially toxic environment, you give them a better chance of kicking the habit and recovering faster. We understand that leaving home can be challenging. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to make your moving and recovery process as smooth as possible. If you’re finally ready to help yourself, a friend, or a loved one in Oregon break the chains of addiction, then here are all the reasons why Ocean Hills Recovery sounds just like a home away from home.

Local Oregon Interventionists

Two of the greatest weapons that addiction uses to cloak itself are secrecy and denial. More often than not, alcoholics and drug users may not even be aware of the effect that their habit is causing. Before you even realize it, you already crossed the line from recreation use to addiction and abuse ages ago. At this point, secrecy and denial are the biggest obstacles to recovery.

We understand that their addiction and all the ill effects it is having on their friends and family have to come into the light for anyone to get help. People tend to be reluctant when it comes to talking about their habits. That’s why we employ the use of professional interventionists all through Oregon to solve this issue. A professional interventionist will facilitate open and honest dialogue between friends, family, colleagues, and the addicted individual. The intervention helps loved ones voice their concerns in a safe, loving, and helpful environment while urging them to get help.

Convenient Travel

One of the most frequently voiced concerns by people in Oregon is the issue of transportation to California. Why should you burden yourself with flights and long drives when you could just check into a local Oregon drug rehab center?

Well, we’re proud to say that getting yourself or your loved ones from Oregon to Ocean Hills has never been easier. Besides utilizing online resources like Expedia and Google Flights for easy traveling, we also offer free airport pickup to bring you straight to Ocean Hills Recovery Center.

Success Rate

Don’t let anybody lie to you; not even the best Oregon drug treatment facility in your state can honestly say that they achieve a 100 percent success rate. The truth is that there will always be relapses and setbacks, even with the best inpatient drug rehab in Oregon.

Fortunately, Ocean Hills Recovery Center provides clients with all the essentials and education they need to avoid relapsing and stay on the right path. Most of our patients can comfortably say no is one of the reasons why our success rate is so high. Other factors that contribute to our incredible success rate are our wide range of alcohol and drug rehab programs that actually work.

Fully Fledged Drug/Alcohol Detox Programs

Due to years of drinking and abusing drugs, most of our patients who come in require detoxification to help their minds and bodies cope with the immediate end of drug use. So before we even get to treatment, we have to detox your body and work the poisons out of your system. This can be an excruciating and lengthy process for habitual users.

Long-term alcoholics and drug users are probably familiar with what to expect during detox. Typically, your body will go through withdrawal that involves constant vomiting, convulsing, sweating, and many more symptoms. Ocean Hills Recovery has a fully-fledged detox facility that ensures our patients do not have to go through all that. Our facilities employ professionals to supervise you or your loved one’s detox journey to alleviate even the most severe withdrawal symptoms and guide them towards a healthier, toxin-free body.

Use of Proven Concepts (i.e., 12 Step Program; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

The battle against addiction and drug use has been there since time immemorial. As a result, there has been a barrage of treatment and recovery programs derived from all corners of the globe. Some of these programs are far more effective than others; more notably, the 12 Step Program is infamous worldwide for its practicality and efficacy. The 12 Step method was first described in the groundbreaking book titled Alcoholics Anonymous.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we use the 12 Step method as part of our comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment. By combining this age-old program with our very own pioneering bio-psycho-social model, we have created the Collaborative Recovery that follows the client’s recovery process while adjusting it along the way. Our clients attend 12 different meetings each week at various locations in Orange County, California, which boasts one of the country’s largest sober populations. That makes for a very conducive recovery environment for everyone involved.

Most PPO Insurance Accepted

Let’s face it, drug and alcohol rehabilitation does not come cheap. Whether you are from Oregon or California, you don’t have to worry about the cost of treatment or any other medical expenses that will be incurred. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we accept most PPO insurance to help various patients cater for their detoxification and rehabilitation services.

Final Word

These are just some of the helpful recovery services offered at Ocean Hills. There is plenty of other inpatient and residential programs, sober living services, along with other practical services. The first step towards living a much healthier and more productive life starts with getting rid of toxins in your body and living a sober life. And while an Oregon rehab center will do just fine, getting yourself or your loved ones away from your triggers and a potentially toxic environment will definitely make the recovery process faster and more permanent. If you live in Oregon or anywhere near the state and would like to know more about Ocean Hills, why don’t you just give us a call and talk to us today?