Be With an Addiction Treatment Team That’s Here for You and Away from Home.Pennsylvania Drug Rehab - Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Ocean Hills Recovery is a drug rehabilitation center located in the sunny state of California. If you’re thinking about going to Pennsylvania drug rehab, you might be wondering why you should go out of state. This is a question we receive quite often, and we’d like to answer it by telling you more about our program and what makes us different. By reading through the information, we share below. You’ll learn all you need to know about joining our facility for drug rehabilitation. Whether it’s for you or a loved one, it can help save a life.

Who Are We?

Ocean Hills Recovery is a full-fledged drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation facility located in California. We specialize in helping individuals change their lives by teaching them ways to cope with their addiction throughout their lives. Whether someone addicted has been using for years or has only started using recently, we are equipped to help. Our highly trained and experienced staff has a passion for what they do and fight for every client that comes through our doors. While this incredible dedication to helping recovering addicts overcome drugs and alcohol makes us different from most Pennsylvania drug rehab centers, that’s not all.

Ocean Hills Recovery is also proud to say that we have an impressive success rate for lasting recovery, which most other treatment centers can’t boast about. How did we achieve this? Through hard work and a commitment to helping each detox and rehabilitate in the most effective manner possible. While you have many choices for rehab in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to consider coming to our facility. You’ll see why so many have trusted us to save their lives when you begin our program and see how diligently we work to treat your addiction.

How Do We Work?

The first step in the rehabilitation process is to figure out the details of travel. For some, this begins with booking a flight, which can easily be done with travel resources such as or Priceline. For others, this begins with their loved ones hosting an intervention to help open their eyes to the situation’s reality. If you’re in this situation, Ocean Hills Recovery has highly trained interventionists in Pennsylvania who can come and help you. With their assistance, you can host the most effective intervention possible. While we don’t guarantee that they’ll decide to get sober, we can say that having a professional there may help.

– Detox

For those who decide to come to us, recovery begins the moment they walk through the doors of our facility. Away from the toxic environment, they were near Pennsylvania. They’ll be able to focus on their sobriety. This first means going through detox, which we walk each client through every step of the way. We understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be. Still, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to help make the transition from using to sober easier and more comfortable. While there will be challenges, our highly trained staff work hard to help you overcome them.

– Rehabilitation Programs

Once our clients have detoxed, they will learn more about themselves through in-depth therapy and quality medical care. For most, this helps them uncover why they began and continued to use it, which ultimately helps them better deal with their addiction. While going through this emotional evaluation, we focus on utilizing the smartest 12-step program and any other treatment solutions that our doctors deem necessary. Since each person is unique, no two treatment programs are going to be the exact same. Everything we do is personalized to the individual and their addiction, so they are treated most effectively and comprehensively.

We understand that this is a long-term struggle, and addiction never truly “goes away,” which is why part of the recovery process includes learning tools to cope with urges and triggers in the future. This is a major part of our care and will help ensure our clients have the best chance possible at living sober. If you’re used to trying to quit only to succumb to pressure or just the need to use it again, these tools will be incredibly useful. You’ll find that we help you gather the mental strength to say “no” and turn to healthy alternatives that take your mind off of your addiction.

Help with Financing

One of the most common reasons why many don’t go to drug rehab in Pennsylvania is because they think they can’t afford to. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we never want the cost of help to stop someone from getting help. This is why we have made payment possible with a variety of options. The first we encourage every client and their family to consider is coverage under PPO Insurance. We accept policies from some of the top companies today, and those can help significantly reduce the cost of treatment out of pocket. For those who have plans that are not accepted, we have special financing and payment plans available.

Finding Joy in Life

Although Pennsylvania addiction treatment is certainly an option for those who want to stay close to home, our facility has a proven track record. We help our clients become sober and stay sober so they can find the joy in life and ignite their excitement for living again. While other centers might not work hard to help their clients succeed, that’s not the case with Ocean Hills Recovery. We are passionate about what we do and look at each individual as an opportunity to save a life. Addiction is difficult to overcome, but we know everyone dealing with it has the power to turn their life around.

If you’ve been thinking about seeking Pennsylvania drug treatment, don’t wait any longer. Every day you wait is a day that you’re risking your life using drugs or alcohol. We are here to walk you through the process, teach you how to cope, and help you see that life is worth living. Just think, where could you be a year from now? The possibilities are endless once you’re sober.