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Rhode Island Addiction Treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery

Commonly known for its sandy shores and colonial seaside towns, including Newport, Rhode Island is part of the United States. It is home to popular landmarks like Brown University, Waterplace Park, and Riverwalk. Despite its rich and engulfed culture, Rhode Island has a growing problem with drug and alcohol abuse, leading to addictive paths.

Unfortunately, local Rhode Island rehab centers have a continuous turnover of individuals who fail to retain sobriety upon exiting the program. The inability to reduce the failure rate seems to stem from the psychology related to both peer pressure and the environment. If the same mental triggers that surround you in a particular environment are not eliminated, then change is less likely to occur. In the face of such challenges, the best thing to do is move to a different environment, free from the heavy chains that pull you down and dull your real potential.

Turn a New Page at Ocean Hills

Everyone deserves a second chance at life. The best way to grant yourself a second chance is to start fresh in a new environment where you can effectively form new connections to better yourself. The reason Rhode Island addiction treatment fails is directly tied to the fact that they fail to change your environment. Once individuals complete their rehabilitation and return to their same environment, all the results are undone when they relapse and fall back into the vicious cycle of addiction.

Traveling to California to our facility assists you in getting over the negative patterns surrounding your life. With different surroundings, you will no longer be subject to those that affected you negatively and pulled you in to your drug addiction. This includes both the friends and environmental conditions that had surrounded you previously.

Dedicated research in psychology has helped isolate the leading causes of addiction back to their substance abuse. This study concluded that it is essential to change your environment if you want a high success rate.

Step by Step Enlightenment

The reason Ocean Hills’ Recovery program stands out above the rest is wholly tied to our approach. Interventions will be provided in Rhode Island to provide you and your family with proper enlightenment and understanding of drug addiction. These interventions highlight how crucial it is to live your life to the fullest in a sober state of mind. The focus is on eliminating your need for drugs, representing a crutch in your life, always holding you back. The mental barrier that makes you falsely accept it as a requirement to enjoy life causes the drastic measures that return you to your addiction.

The interventions focus on building your self-esteem and self-worth to efficiently provide you with an alternative means to enjoy life in your natural state of sobriety. The approach instilled by Ocean Hills Recovery blesses you with a newfound purpose in life that serves to drive you in the right direction. This practical approach is what distinguishes our work and delivers promising results.

Insurance and Travelling

Traveling to a new place will give you the benefit of a new environment. It is undoubtedly an expensive process, but Ocean Hills does its best in reducing these costs as much as possible. All of these efforts are used to facilitate your arrival in California.

You can make use of traditional technologies like Google flights and Expedia to quickly book a flight and save money on your ticket. Ocean Hills facilitates every process, including our acceptance of insurance policies. Most insurance policies are accepted, including PPO insurance plans.

Narcotics Treatment

Ocean Hills Recovery provides treatment for alcohol and drug addictions using proven concepts. The 12-step recovery program is used for both alcohol and substance abuse. It is an established and successful method. What many rehab centers local to Rhode Island fail at doing is recognizing the importance of personalization. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we can boast a high success rate because of our commitment to personalizing the process and helping each individual with their issues. Various factors, including your health, living conditions, and environmental conditions, will be considered.

This greatly assists in specializing in different treatment programs to fit into the individual’s needs. Everyone is different, and this is a critical step in the process. Many factors affect their lives, and some demand an entirely different approach to treat their addiction effectively.

Our highly trained staff will be able to provide you with extensive treatment options to rejuvenate your life and way of living. Building your confidence and self-esteem will force you to focus on a better lifestyle to a point where returning to drugs will be nothing but repulsive to you.

Detoxification Programs

The key to a successful rehabilitation program is to understand the severity of the detoxification stage. In this phase, most people give up and opt to satisfy their urges or relieve themselves. Ocean Hills takes important measures that will be necessary to ease your transition from your toxic state to sobriety. The pain brought by withdrawal symptoms can be severe at times, depending on your usage and addiction level. Dealing with them is possible with the right conditions as long as a caring and compassionate team supports you.

Ocean Hills Recovery provides you with these essential elements to aid you in breezing through this process as quickly as you can. As the substance leaves your body and you are in your most vulnerable state, our treatment programs will focus on keeping your mental health strong. You will be assisted physically, mentally, and psychologically which will serve as a stronghold for you. As long as you are in Ocean Hills, you will be able to survive this process and be one step closer to regaining your life.

Going as far away as possible from the environment conducive to your drug addiction can be beneficial. Our facility will have a lasting impact on your life as we educate you and enlighten you on living a fulfilling life with purpose. The confidence and self-esteem you will be instilled with will serve you throughout your life and finally cut you off from any ties to your previous substance abuse habits.