Ocean Hills Recovery Provides a Distanced Inpatient Recovery Center That’s Away From South Carolina

South Carolina Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehab

Located on the beautiful beaches of Dana Point in southern California, Ocean Hills Recovery is an accredited addiction treatment facility with a long history of success. South Carolina drug rehab patients benefit from customized treatment programs administered by licensed medical professionals and registered addiction counselors. For many of our clients, the journey to Ocean Hills is the first step towards a life free of addiction.

Improve Your Recovery Success By Traveling

While taking a flight across the country to Ocean Hills is a big commitment, most rehab experts think it increases the chances of a successful rehab program. Not only does cross-country travel remove the patient from any toxic factors in their home environment, but it also makes them more likely to complete the full program. Any early bailout requires the added hassle and expense of purchasing a plane ticket.

Not every rehab clinic has the same dedication to patient quality and proven success record that Ocean Hills offers. Even if you find a local South Carolina drug treatment center with the same credentials and level of care, they might not work with your insurance. By including out-of-state treatment centers like Ocean Hills, you ensure that you can utilize the very best facility that accepts your insurance.

Beginning The Journey

Ocean Hills works with interventionists in South Carolina to help assist families during the transition to rehab. Interventions use solidarity to confront addicts who might ignore the arguments of a single person. With the help of a trained counselor, you’ll come well prepared with compelling arguments and techniques to overcome rationalization and excuses.

At Ocean Hills, we let our patients arrange their own travel. It’s usually cheaper for you to get a flight from your favorite internet service well in advance than it is for someone to arrange it for you. Our patients can fly into any southern California airport. John Wayne in Orange County is the closest, located about a half-hour away via Uber.

A History Of Success

We attribute our clients’ incredible success to the quality of our programs. At Ocean Hills, we don’t just treat the physical and mental health of our patients. We teach valuable life skills and healthy, productive habits that help our graduates move forwards with their careers and lives. Each program of treatment is customized to a unique patient. We factor in our patients’ history, likes, personality, and receptiveness to various techniques to develop the best methods to treat each individual.

Ocean Hills is accredited by CARF, a third-party organization that recognizes high-quality rehab facilities around the world. CARF’s last inspection resulted in one of the best compliments we’ve received as an organization: the inspector told us that there were no recommendations he could make about how we could improve our services. Our facilities and patient care were excellent.

Carefully Monitored Detox

Ocean Hills brings in local medical professionals to assist in our alcohol and drug addiction patients’ critical withdrawal periods. Detox occurs in a carefully controlled environment under the watchful eyes of our staff. We can’t always make this period of being weaned off of your addiction enjoyable, but we do our best to keep you comfortable while ensuring your safety.

Proven Treatment Methods

Our patients benefit from various time-tested treatment techniques, including individual and group counseling, family therapy, 12-step meetings, workshops, and relapse prevention training. We don’t stop after we’ve treated our patients’ physical health. Our programs address the spiritual, mental, and social needs of our patients. Our South Carolina rehab patients will graduate with all of the skills they need to successfully battle their addiction and lead clean, happy, and healthy lives.

Dedicated Dual Diagnosis Programs

A number of our patients suffer from a major mental disorder in addition to their addiction. These individuals are treated for their major depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, or other diagnoses while addressing their addiction. Our staff includes fully licensed psychiatrists and psychologists experienced in treating these maladies in conjunction with drug and alcohol addictions. We take extra care to ensure that our dual diagnosis patients get extra treatment for their holistic and spiritual needs. While we try to build social networks for all of our patients to utilize for support and cushioning after they’ve left our facility, we’re incredibly diligent in building networks for our dual diagnosis patients.

Social And Family Support

Addicts aren’t islands. Treatment programs at Ocean Hills involve family therapy and social workshops to help our patients build healthy relationships with productive adults. We work with all of our patients to help them build a network of relationships that they can use for encouragement, support, and help after they’ve graduated from our program. Our staff members stay in contact with many of our patients for years after they’ve left. We love hearing that our alumni are staying clean and healthy, and we’re willing to provide the moral and emotional support necessary to help them stay that way.

This translates directly into a low rate of relapse for our patients. It also means you can expect regular updates and communication from your loved ones at Ocean Hills, even if you’re still in South Carolina. We’ll keep you involved!

PPO Coverage

Ocean Hills works with several insurance plans to help place our services within our patients’ financial reach. We accept many PPO plans, including Ameritas, Cigna, Humana, United, and a range of Blue Cross options. Use our website or get in touch with our staff to determine if we can work with your coverage. If we can’t, we have a handful of financial options that we can use to reduce our services’ financial burden.

Your Best Option For Drug Rehab In South Carolina

Ocean Hills and other Inpatient recovery programs include room and board. Besides a plane ticket, your cost from South Carolina is the same as if you lived next door. With our high quality of service, record of proven effectiveness, and beautiful Orange County facility, Ocean Hills should be on your short-list of rehab facilities to consider. Call us today to find out if we can accept your insurance and begin your journey towards a life free of addiction.