Free Yourself from the Constraints of Tennessee – Our Drug Rehab Center is Away From Home

Tennessee Drug Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment

For people who are riddled with addiction and substance abuse, admitting that there is a problem is just the start of a long, arduous process. Actually taking action, however, is a whole new battle altogether.

One of the hardest steps on the road to healing is choosing the facility where the person can get help. Many patients have the initial impulse to choose a rehabilitation facility that is close to home, thinking that the familiarity of the environment can help with the situation. While this may be true to some extent, there are also advantages that flying to a new state can bring to those who need help.

We from Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. believe that distance, while an important factor to consider when choosing a rehab center, should not be considered a limitation. We are a drug and alcohol treatment center located in Dana Point City, California equipped with the right staff, systems, and processes that are all aimed in helping patients get a new shot at life.

Flying out of state for rehab: The Benefits

Recovering from substance abuse is all about a mental mindset. As such, the environment surrounding the patient plays a very big role in the dynamics of recovery. Flying out to a different state, while may be out of the comfort zone of patients and their families, reinforces the perspective of “getting a new start” thanks to the change in surroundings.

Moreover, a lot of people need the physical separation from the environment that they have always connected to their bad habits to be able to fully start with their recovery. Those who are looking for a Tennessee drug rehab facility may be initially intimidated by the distance between the state and Canada, but the two-hour flight in between can make a world of difference when it comes to recovery. Flights are very accessible now as well, thanks to booking sites like Google Flights and Expedia to name a few.

  1. Intervention

An intervention is a structured process performed by professionals called interventionists as a form of orientation for the individual dealing with substance abuse. It can work two ways, one is to persuade and guide the patient to seek for help; and two, to show to the patient and the people close to him (friends and family) the extent of damage that the abuse has brought them.

An intervention encourages open communication between parties and lays the groundwork for a clean slate before the rehabilitation. Interventionists not only serve as guides, but also as educators that guide people before, during, and after the treatment process.

Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. has interventionists stationed in Tennessee that can offer immediate help for people seeking professional guidance. This is to make sure that if someone does choose to fly to another state to get help, the patient is leaving his home without the emotional and psychological burden from his friends and family.

  1. Programs

Every rehabilitation center offers unique programs for their patients. At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we employ the 12-step recovery treatment, a comprehensive program used for drug and alcohol recovery that involves tailored processes for the particular patient. Through the combination of concepts from medicine, therapy, psychology, and spirituality, we have come up with a Collaborative Recovery system that heals patients by putting into account their individual learning processes, histories, and behaviors.

Often, drug and alcohol abuse is perceived as an obsession of the mind or allergy of the body. With the 12-step recovery treatment, the problem is not only perceived as a physical sickness, but a spiritual one as well. It works by slowly curing the element of self-centeredness among the patients and replacing it with moral consciousness and the ability to do constructive actions. We at Ocean Hills Recovery do not believe that recovery comes from the act of “breaking the will” of a patient, but rather from helping them have the necessary emotional and social awareness and confidence to start a new life.

Are you afraid that flying out and choosing Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. over a Tennessee rehab will leave the patient feeling lonely and isolated? Here at our recovery facility, we make sure that everyone is surrounded by the right community to encourage an environment where inclusivity flourishes. For those looking for a good solution for alcohol abuse, for example, we offer the Fresh Start Program, which lets the patient interact with a recovery community and a 12-step sponsor with the aim of helping them develop a new grasp on life skills and responsibility.

  1. Established integrity

Going out of your comfort zone is worth it if you can be assured that you get quality treatment. Together with the help of our experienced drug rehab clinical staff and our proven and tested psychotherapy approaches, we boast a high percentage success rate on our 90-day inpatient alcohol and drug recovery program.

Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. is also a CARF-certified rehabilitation center, which adds to our integrity of putting in the forefront of our care, the general well-being, and recovery of our patients.

  1. Compassion for patient care

We at Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. believes that everyone deserves a new chance, regardless of their location and capacity of paying for their treatments. That is why we accept a number of PPO insurance policies and even offer private financing to those who need it.

We also employ creative and out-of-the-box approaches to ensure that we offer a whole new different approach to rehabilitation. Patients are offered to participate in activities like yoga classes, art therapy, movie days, or counseling services that deal with relapse prevention, or family therapy.

Flying out when looking for Tennessee addiction treatment options can be a scary decision, but then again, that is what the whole rehabilitation process is about. It is intimidating, nerve-wracking, and full of doubts. However, nothing really ever comes out of staying in your comfort zone, especially if it involves something as serious as substance abuse. At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we make the risk all worth it with our quality patient care and programs that can jumpstart the new life everyone deserves.

Most PPO Insurance Accepted

Of the people in Tennessee enrolled in some form of substance abuse treatment services, roughly half are for drugs only, 19% for alcohol only, and the remaining portion for both alcohol and drugs. Overall, there are around 14,000 people in treatment at a time, with about 25,000 receiving services throughout the year.

While this is certainly a good thing, it falls short of the 440,000 people in Tennessee who either abuse or are dependent on alcohol and other drugs each year. If you are or you have a loved one in need of help for a drug or alcohol problem, then the time to act is now.

Many people from Tennessee seek to get out of the state for substance abuse treatment, and Ocean Hills Recovery is a perfect choice. Nestled on the Pacific coast, we offer long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation with 30, 60, and 90-day treatment programs. We also have detoxification and sober living to provide for a wider range of services that many clients need.


We know that people in Tennessee and around the country battling addiction are most often also struggling with other mental health issues. These co-occurring disorders should be treated at the same time, which is why we offer specialized treatments for people dealing with a dual diagnosis.

Find out more about our world-class treatment program by calling Ocean Hills Recovery today and speaking with one of our counselors. It’s time for you to get moving on your road to freedom from drugs or alcohol abuse.