Washington State Residents Can Come to Sunny California for the Best Treatment Rehab Can Offer

Washington Addiction Rehab Treatment Center

Ocean Hills Recovery is a California based treatment center offering professional, personalized careIf you’re in Washington, addiction treatment at an accredited world-class facility is just a plane ride away.

Why Leave?

It might seem counter-intuitive to travel or send your loved ones away for addiction treatment. According to many experts, traveling to a rehab facility in a different city is an important first step towards treating addiction. Not only does it give you access to the best rehab facilities that your insurance will pay for, it also removes the subject from the environment that created and nurtured their addiction.

Patients often describe their recovery as a journey. When it starts with an actual physical journey, it’s easier for them to get in the right mental state. By having a fresh start in a new location, addicts can build a set of good habits to keep themselves drug and alcohol-free. Plus, it’s hard to get a fix when your dealer is in a different state.

Traveling to a remote facility increases patient retention. It’s a lot easier to back out of a rehab program when the clinic is across the street from your house. When bailing early means buying a plane ticket home to Washington, finishing a drug treatment program becomes more appealing.

Finally, getting treatment for an addiction is something many people want to keep private. Rehab in Washington means more chances for people to recognize you or your loved one. By traveling to a different state, patients are able to keep their recovery on the down-low and reduce the chances that they’re recognized.

Assisting The Transition

While Ocean Hills is in California, we work with interventionists in Washington to help families during the rehab process. Our local interventionists can help you have a conversation with loved ones about their self-destructive behaviors and get them started on the road to recovery. Even if you’ve already talked to an addict about his or her behavior, our interventionist can work to stage an effective conversation. It’s easy for addicts to rationalize the comments of a single person. By involving other people affected by the addiction and a professional counselor, you can get through to even the toughest addicts.

Travel to Ocean Hills can be done however you’d like. Feel free to use your frequent flier miles or your favorite discount flight program to get you or your loved ones from Washington to our addiction treatment facility.

World Class Facility

Ocean Hills boasts an impressive 73% success rate. Our programs are designed to address each patient’s addiction history as well as their current state. In addition to treating the mental and physical health of our patients, we offer programs that help deal with their social circumstances, build healthy family connections, and teach them how to build a home and career free of addiction.

Ocean Hills has been recognized by CARF for their continued excellence and dedication to effective patient care. CARF is an independent, international organization that provides accreditation to excellent rehab facilities worldwide. Our last CARF inspection resulted in the best possible grade: the inspector told us that our services were so excellent, he couldn’t think of how we could improve.

Fully Fledged Drug / Alcohol Detox Programs

After arriving from Washington, drug and alcohol treatment begins with a medically supervised detox period. Withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. At Ocean Hills, we work with health professionals from our area and keep critical patients supervised to ensure that each detox is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Programs Customized To Each Patient

Our patients emerge from rehab with hope for a brighter future. By treating our patients as unique, valuable individuals, we help give them hope for the future and encourage them to move forward and combat their addiction. We tailor our proven treatment methods to better match the unique history, personality and learning style of each patient. Through treatment, we give our patients the tools they need to combat addiction through productive habits, healthy living, and a supportive network of friends and family.

Some of the techniques we utilize include individual and group counseling, 12-step meetings, coping workshops, relapse prevention training and family therapy. Ocean Hills staff consists of registered addiction counselors, masters and doctorate level therapists and fully licensed psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors. Our methods produce results. 73% of our 90-day rehab patients stay clean indefinitely.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Dual diagnosis patients are patients who suffer from a mental disorder in addition to their addiction. The stress of living with major depression, bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia often drives patients to substance abuse. At Ocean Hills, we offer a unique holistic approach to maximize the effectiveness of treatment in dual diagnosis patients. Our “collaborative recovery” program combines medical, spiritual and psychological treatment. We take extra care to build a social net of family members, therapists, and medical professionals to help provide a cushion for our dual diagnosis patients to fall back on instead of relapse.

Involving Family Members

Our success rate is very important to us at Ocean Hills. We work hard to involve friends and family members in the rehab process to give our patients continued support after they leave our care. Even if a patient’s family is in Washington, addiction treatment at Ocean Hills involves regular contact with informed family members. Our patients leave knowing that they have a network of people who are rooting for them to stay clean.

Covered By Many PPO Insurance Programs

Ocean Hills accepts insurance from many common providers, including Ameritas, Humana, Cignus, United, and various Blue Cross plans. Contact us to find out if we can work with your provider! Even if you don’t have a plan we accept, we have a variety of financial options to help place our rehab services well within your financial reach.

Your Washington Drug Rehab Journey Begins… in Dana Point!

You and your loved ones don’t have to combat addiction alone. Ocean Hills offers patients from Washington addiction treatment at a world-class facility in beautiful South Orange County. If you or one of your loved ones need to start a journey towards healthy habits and a clean, productive life, start that journey with a trip to Ocean Hills.