Wyoming Residents Can Leave Their Toxic Environment Behind and Embrace Change

Wyoming Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Attending a Wyoming drug rehab facility isn’t easy for both patients and their loved ones. On one hand, it is good that the individual has finally accepted that they need help. However, the decision of where to go for treatment can be a major one, as their success after the program is dependent on the quality of care they receive.

Questions like whether the treatment facility uses the right approach or if they teach the right things are probably starting to run through your head. There are other factors that should also be considered like how in-depth the services offered by the rehabilitation center are. For example, a good facility should not only support the patient, but also help ease their family and friends in the situation as well. Lastly, where should a patient get their treatment? Should they choose to fly out of state for a change in environment or stick somewhere closer to home?

The last question is a particularly tricky one. Choosing a Wyoming recovery facility means that the patient will be within their familiar environment and therefore, be in close proximity to friends and family. But does this closeness really help with the process of recovery or does it hinder their growth?

The benefits of flying out for substance abuse rehabilitation

Flying out to a different state isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a rehabilitation facility. However, moving to a new environment has its own set of benefits for people who are searching to start a new life and truly break-free from their addiction.

For one, there are some patients who need a total reset and change in environment in order to be able to truly internalize the journey they are about to embark on. When you are at a familiar place where you can easily see triggers that you can connect to your bad habits, the road to change and recovery may not be as clear. Even putting some distance between yourself and your family can prove to be beneficial because it puts the focus on yourself and the work you should be doing.

Here at Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we make distance a strength rather than a weakness. We are a drug and alcohol treatment center in the city of Dana Point, California, that offers tried and tested programs to help give individuals the fresh start they need. We are one of the few, qualified rehabilitation facilities that reach out to people looking for a good Wyoming alcohol and drug facilities through our well-rounded, holistic approaches that give a different take on rehabilitation treatment.

Intervention and the role of distance in recovery

Wyoming and Canada is separated by a mere two hours and sixteen minutes of air travel which is now easily accessible through booking sites like Google Flights and Expedia. Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. bridges this distance by having Wyoming-stationed interventionists which help both the patient and his acquaintances before, during, and after his rehabilitation.

But what do interventionists do and why are they important?

In a nutshell, these professionals are those that guide and educate both the patient and their closest network of loved ones about addiction. They facilitate the discussion about the topic and can either work by encouraging patients to get help or encouraging their friends and family to openly discuss the ways their lives are being affected by the problem.

Interventionists are important because they lay out a strong foundation before a patient starts with rehabilitation. Being free of the emotional and psychological baggage that might be connected to concerns with family is important in order for patients to have a clean start on their healing process.

The right approach to recovery

Addiction (whether drug or alcohol abuse) affects individuals in different ways. As such, it makes sense that every program should be tailored to fit the needs of a recovering patient. At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we believe that an individualized program for treatment is the key to helping people struggling with substance abuse. An effective approach, therefore, should be designed around an individual’s whole profile, from addiction history, social circumstances, past and present living conditions, to overall mental and physical health.

We follow the 12-step recovery treatment, a program that takes into account all of the mentioned factors above, which we combine with a bio-psycho-social model. Together, these two make up the Collaborative Recovery program, a recovery framework that deals and caters to the specific needs of the patient.

The Collaborative Recovery program takes an overall approach to recovery that’s different from other rehabilitation facilities. While there are treatment centers that think “breaking the will” of patients is the key to helping them reform, we at Ocean Hills Recovery Inc. do it by building up their self-esteem and confidence. From here, we introduce them to succeeding programs like the Fresh Start System, which assigns each individual to a sponsor and a community to help them develop the necessary social skills and understanding they need to start their new life. We also have the Sober Living Progam, which is designed to help the participants develop healthy social habits by putting them in a housing situation under the management of a hospital staff. The supportive living environment, mixed with the guidance and leadership they get from the program makes them poised for a better, healthier life.

Putting patients in the heart of our service

At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we make sure that every process is designed for the betterment of our patients. As a CARF-certified rehabilitation center, we only employ the best drug rehab clinical staff and employ psychotherapy approaches that are proven to work. In fact, we have a 73 percent success rate for our inpatient drug and alcohol recovery program.

We also provide well-rounded programs that help with the grounded recovery of our patients. We offer unconventional but helpful activities like art therapy and yoga classes, and we also have long-term transitional programs, family therapy, and relapse prevention training for a 360 degree approach to recovery.

Lastly, we sure that we give everyone the chance to heal and get the help that they need by accepting PPO insurance policies. We also offer private financing for those who need extra help.

Recovering from substance abuse is a step that entirely takes individuals out of their comfort zones. Breaking free from bad habits requires dedication and the strength to try something unconventional and new. At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we offer a holistic approach that gives everyone the fresh start they deserve, regardless of distance.