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Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Program in California

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Get Recovery through Our Successful Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Programs

Ocean Hill Recovery uses innovative drug addiction and alcohol abuse programs to give hope and improve the lives of patients and their families

What is it that Ocean Hills Recovery offers that sets us apart from all the other prescription drug addiction treatment programs out there? We understand that each alcoholic/addict is a unique individual, with a unique history that led to their addiction. Each one is also unique in how he or she responds to the process of treatment. Knowing these things, we’ve created a program that can be adapted to each individual’s needs. And while we’re serious about helping our clients become clean and sober, we don’t believe that drug and alcohol rehab should feel like a prison sentence. If the objective of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery is to learn how to be “happy, joyous and free,” then the process of accomplishing this objective should be fun, as well. Some treatment programs in other California drug rehab centers operate on the premise that the client’s “self will” must be broken before he or she is prepared to understand and accept recovery. In contrast, we feel that our clients have already been “broken,” in a sense, as a result of their drinking or drug use. Our objective is to help victims of alcohol and prescription drug abuse and all our clients rebuild their self-esteem and self-worth. We don’t believe people learn by being bullied; learning is most effective when the process is enjoyable. That’s why so much of our program focuses on re-connecting to the feelings of joy and happiness that get short-circuited by addiction. The real effectiveness of any rehab program is based on how the client reacts and responds to the tools that are made available during treatment. Because our program focuses on finding the joy in recovery, our clients generally respond very well. We measure the results of recovery by how effectively each individual client is able to:

  • Return to functioning in his or her daily life
  • Get (and keep) a satisfying job
  • Create meaningful relationships with supportive family and friends
  • Maintain physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Deal with stressful situations
  • Avoid relapse

At Ocean Hills Recovery, our clients receive comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment and all the tools they need to successfully accomplish these objectives, and go on to live lives filled with meaning and purpose, and recapture the simple joy of living.

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