Drug Detox in Southern California

Most chronic alcoholics and addicts require detoxification (drug detox) to help their bodies cope with the changes in body chemistry, brought on by rapidly ending the use of drugs or alcohol. The substances you’ve been abusing have been poisoning your system for a long time. If you’re going to get well, your body has to go through a period of adjustment, to allow those poisons to work their way out of your system.

If you’ve been a long-term user, you’re probably familiar with the feelings of alcoholism withdrawal or drug addiction withdrawal that occur when you weren’t able to use for some reason: constant vomiting, shaking, convulsing and sweating that feels like “the flu on steroids.” The body can’t keep foods down, the mind can’t concentrate, and sleep never comes. That’s the price you pay for putting your body through the hell of substance abuse. As a state-of-the-art California drug rehab, we don’t want our clients to pay that price when they’re getting clean and sober. Where’s the joy in that? Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program offers medically supervised detox that alleviates the most severe symptoms of withdrawal after long-term addiction. You’ll be under professional observation throughout the initial stages of the detox process, so your mind and body are healthier when you begin to participate in your treatment program.

Cocaine Detox – Heroin Addiction Treatment

Health professionals from various drug treatment programs say that it’s important to realize that cocaine detox, in itself, aren’t recovery. Recovery comes about by dealing with the physical and psychological aspects of dependency. Cocaine detox addresses only the physical element of addiction, by flushing all traces of the abused substance from your system. Once you’ve achieved this step, you’re better prepared to understand and deal with the psychological grip of addiction. As a leading drug rehab, we’ve designed our cocaine detox and heroin addiction treatment to make you as comfortable as possible during the initial stage of breaking your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. While we are not a medical facility like other prescription drug addiction treatment centers, we work in partnership with local health professionals who specialize in the medical components of cocaine detox. Our staff of trained addiction specialists will make all the necessary arrangements, supervise your care, and do everything possible to assure your safety and comfort while inside the premises of the California drug rehab center.

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