Drug Detox

If alcohol and drugs have gotten the best of you, maybe its time to concede to the fact that drug detox and rehabilitation is the answer for you at this time in your life. Detox has saved the lives of many hundreds of people addicted to toxic substances. When you surrender to the unique treatment approach called Collaborative Care provided by Ocean Hills Recovery you’ll find that you can put down the drink or the drugs and overcome the behaviorisms as well as the obsession that has you in its clutches right now. Collaborative Care is a cutting-edge treatment design that combines the bio-psycho-social model with 12-step recovery.

Oceans Hills Recovery offers a secluded place in Dana Point, Ca. where psychological treatment in both individual and group settings is offered to assist in changing the way you think and act, so that the desire for alcohol and drugs is eliminated. The program is based on the 12 step program because it has been proven to work in changing people’s habits, which in turn changes their actions, which then change their thinking process.

The staff is experienced in helping, both in drug detox and in rehabilitation. They know the characteristics of the addicted person and they also are familiar with the path of destruction that has been left behind on their way down the hill of addiction. Most addicts have lost family, friends, jobs, but most important of all, they have lost who they really are. Ocean Hills Recovery will help put all that back into perspective again so you can start life fresh again. The process doesn’t happen overnight, but if you admit there is a problem and you focus on the solution from the beginning, you are on the right road to complete recovery.