How Do You know if You Need Alcohol Detox California

How Do You know if You Need Alcohol Detox?

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Understanding when alcohol has become a dependency in your life isn’t always a clear picture.[1] Many Americans, 14.4 million adults, suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in their lifetime. However, only 7.9 percent of those affected with the disorder receive treatment. Recognizing when alcohol dependency is creating problems in your personal and professional life is the first step toward choosing the correct alcohol detox California treatment facility.

Treating AUD requires drug and alcohol specialists who understand withdrawal symptoms and can offer the appropriate treatment. When alcohol use disorder is present, stopping consumption cold turkey can take a devastating toll on your health. Alcohol detox treatment is the safest way to treat AUD and offers the best chance of staying sober long term.

What Happens When I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

For anyone suffering from AUD, making the decision to stop drinking is a positive step toward a healthier, more meaningful life. It’s important to understand what your body will experience as alcohol withdrawal symptoms set in. If you’ve consumed alcohol heavily over an extended period of time, mental and physical challenges will surface when you stop consuming alcohol.

Mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can begin as soon as six hours after you stop drinking. These symptoms may include sweating, feeling anxious, shaky hands, nausea, insomnia, vomiting, or a headache.[2]

More serious conditions, like hallucinations or seizures, can occur within 12 to 48 hours of discontinuing alcohol. Other more health-threatening symptoms include confusion, racing heart, high blood pressure, fever, and heavy sweating.

Without the monitoring and therapy of a professional from an alcohol detox California treatment center, severe symptoms can be life-threatening. Part of understanding if you are facing withdrawal symptoms will include speaking confidentially with a healthcare specialist and sharing your drinking history.

What Is Alcohol Detox California Treatment?

There are several different treatment options for alcohol dependency. Before you can begin alcohol rehab, a detox treatment plan may be necessary. Alcohol detoxification concentrates on ridding the body of all traces of alcohol, managing the withdrawal symptoms, and following up with rehab treatment that curbs alcohol cravings.

Undergoing alcohol detox California treatment means your physical and mental reaction to stopping alcohol consumption will be closely monitored. Without detox, your body will quickly enter an unbalanced state, enhancing symptoms.

Ocean Hills Recovery recognizes that every person’s body is unique. There is no standard alcohol detox treatment. The amount of monitoring and medical treatment needed largely depends on the severity of alcohol dependency. How long withdrawal symptoms last also differ with each individual. In most cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin to taper or completely resolve within 7 to 10 days.[3]

Do I Need Alcohol Detox Treatment?

The thought of addressing your alcohol dependency can be overwhelming. There are several treatment options, but you first need to consider if detox is necessary to prepare your body and mind for ending the disorder. When considering if you need alcohol detox treatment, ask yourself:

  • Do I depend on alcohol to function?
  • Am I missing events with family and friends to drink?
  • Have I attempted to quit drinking failed in the past?
  • Do I have moderate to severe emotional and physical reactions to alcohol?
  • Do I begin to experience minor withdrawal symptoms (sweating, shaking, insomnia) soon after my last drink?

One of the first signs that alcohol detox is a needed step in your treatment program is the physical, mental, and emotional dependence on alcohol to function. If you often find yourself relying on a drink before you’re able to perform daily tasks, or your body shows signs of withdrawal after an episode of drinking, alcohol detox California treatment is needed.

Even if you recognize detox is a necessary step in your treatment, going through detoxification is only a short-term fix if you don’t resolve the core problem. An alcohol and drug specialist from Ocean Hills Recovery will create a custom addiction treatment program for your needs. Our team will take the time to understand what treatment methods resonate with your personal needs.

Whether you prefer the peer support offered in group therapy or want the privacy of one-on-one counseling, our services fluctuate to ensure your rehabilitation is long-lasting. Detox is just the first step in the road to recovery from alcohol abuse. When you are mental and physically ready, you can begin a treatment course for your emotional and physical support.

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How Long Is Alcohol Detox And Rehab?

Alcohol detox can last just a few days to a couple of weeks. The length of your stay at Ocean Hills Recovery detox will depend on your severity of dependency and personal needs. The following treatment can also be customized to your situation. Most inpatient programs are at least 30 days long, but custom plans can be built to offer a shorter inpatient experience with a more extended outpatient stay. Ocean Hills Recovery offers a variety of options for alcohol treatment to ensure your long-term success. Contact our professional drug and alcohol specialists today for more information.








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