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Fighting Back: How to Avoid Patient Brokering in Rehab Business

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Patient brokering is a serious issue that many people deal with in the rehab business. It can be dangerous and it is important to be aware of it. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid patient brokering in rehab facilities. Arming yourself with knowledge of patient brokering will help you learn how to avoid it.

What is Patient Brokering?

Patient brokering begins with a rehab facility hiring a third party to bring in patients. The third party tries to get the patient to the rehab facility and acts as if they are referring the patient.

The patients that are talked into going to the facilities are often under the impression that this is safe. They may think that the third party is giving them a suggestion. After all, they are attempting to help them get the help that they need, or so it seems.

In reality, the third party is benefiting financially from this situation. They are using the patient in need for their own financial gain instead of helping them to find the right rehab facility. Without proper care, a patient will likely relapse after their stay at a disreputable rehab facility.

Patient brokers are known to lurk around streets and anywhere else that drugs are known to be sold and bought. In these places, they are able to talk to multiple people who are prospective patients. Patient brokers have also been known to lurk the web, hiding in social media groups preying on those in need of help. 

Once a patient broker convinces a patient that they need help, they may refer them to an illegitimate facility. Unfortunately, they will not get the appropriate care they need for their addiction either. Finally, the patient broker receives a kickback.  

Why Does Patient Brokering Happen?

One of the main reasons why patient brokering occurs is because finding a rehab facility is such a new experience. In many cases, the patient has not had to find a rehab facility before. Because of this, they tend to trust others more easily.

If someone offers to help a patient find a rehab facility, the patient may allow them to do so. This third party can be very convincing, especially to someone who may be desperate or need urgent help. The third party is aware of this and uses the patient’s lack of experience to their own advantage.

Patient brokers do this solely for the money. Since they receive a kickback, they want to get as many patients into these illegitimate facilities as possible.

How Do Some Companies Prevent Patient Brokering?

Some of the best ways that companies can prevent patient brokering are by getting accreditation and by certifying their employees. Fortunately, there are additional ways that companies have been working to prevent patient brokering.

By keeping up with their staff, companies can make sure they are aware of everything that is going on. This applies specifically to referrals and recruiting. Both the staff and management come together and make sure they are on the same page. This is also a time for management to teach staff best practices and correct any potential issues before they become worse.

Some rehab companies choose to only hire employees instead of contractors. Employees are required to abide by a company’s rules. Contractors work more independently and may be more likely to use patient brokering. These contractors are under less supervision and can get away with more.

In addition, rehab companies are eliminating quotas. Some companies have quotas for their employees to meet. This means that the staff gets desperate to bring people into the facilities. This prevents a healthy and warm environment at the facility. Some facilities have stopped setting quotas, which is helping them to bring in patients appropriately.

Not all companies have made these important changes yet. Hopefully, the problem of patient brokering will continue to diminish as more companies enforce policies to prevent it. With these policies and practices in place, more patients will receive the proper care they need.

How Can You Avoid Patient Brokering in the Rehab Business?

One way to avoid patient brokering in rehab is by choosing a reputable rehab facility. Look for a rehab facility that has the proper accreditation and licensing. Do your research to ensure that you, or your loved one, are going to the right place.

When it comes to patient safety and satisfaction, Ocean Hills Recovery does it best. Here, you can trust that the staff is accredited and licensed. They are caring and ready to help those struggling with addiction.

You will get the right care and support that you need from the staff at Ocean Hills Recovery. Since they are reputable, you won’t have to worry about patient brokering.

If you are looking for a reputable rehab facility and want to avoid patient brokering, give Ocean Hills Recovery a call today! If you have any questions, they would be happy to answer them and give you the information you need.

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