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Long Beach Addiction Rehab

Approaches to rehabilitation vary depending on the school of psychology, the institution or the GP. There are countless approaches to treating alcohol or drug addiction and often which choice is the ‘right choice’ will ultimately depend on the person who is coming in for treatment. We all respond differently and no two cases are alike.

But what is universally agreed upon is that the most important step toward a full recovery, is to admit you have a problem and then to seek help. Simply: we cannot recover from an addiction without the help of others. If you continue as you are, then your problem will only progress and worsen.

No one can tell you to seek help. This is a decision that can only come from you. But this is the first, vital step that you need to make once you’re ready. And when you are, OceanHillsRecovery.com will be here waiting.

On this page, we’re going to explain a little about our approach to addiction rehab in Long Beach and why we think you should consider us when you are ready to start your road to recovery.

What is Addiction Rehab?

Addiction rehab means taking time away from your work, your family and the pressures of life and using that time to focus on yourself and to focus on making a full recovery. To aid in this process, the rehabilitation center – whether that’s Ocean Hills Recovery or another – will provide a guided recovery program and various strategies and interventions to help.

Our Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

The precise program that a rehabilitation center will offer will vary slightly from organization to organization. No two are alike but you will find that many of the same approaches are often utilized.

At our Long Beach addiction rehab center, our focus is on providing a holistic approach that considers every aspect of your physical and mental health. We believe strongly in the importance of therapy and the ‘talking cure’ but we also recognize the need for detoxification and for helping you to build your life and your confidence back up to where it was before you became ill.

Our addiction programs tend to last 30-60 days, though for more intensive care we offer programs lasting up to 90 days. We treat all manner of addiction, including cocaine, heroin, pain killers and alcohol.

Our Treatments

While you’re here to stay, you will receive a number of treatments that we have found to be highly successful with countless other visitors over the years. These include but are not limited to:

Detoxification: Though we are not a prescribing drug addiction center, we do work closely with other medical professionals who specialize in the medical components of detoxification. That means that we are perfectly able to help with your detoxification process and if we can’t help, we’ll refer you to someone who can.

Detoxification is a crucial first step in treating any form of addiction that will help to address the chemical dependency you are probably currently experiencing. In short, addiction causes physical changes to the brain – birthing new receptor sites and changing the chemicals the brain produces itself. Spending time away from the addictive substance in question can undo this process and get you back to normal. It’s like hitting the reset switch.

CBT: CBT is a specific form of therapy. The letters stand for ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’, which tells you that the approach combines both a behavioral aspect (looking at trying to ‘unlearn’ bad behaviour) as well as a cognitive aspect (trying to change the way you think about the problem). CBT is now the preferred psychotherapeutic approach for the vast majority of medical institutions, which is simply due to its proven effectiveness. By changing the way you think about stress and the way you respond to cravings and urges, you can completely remove any psychological dependency with time and patience.

Massage: Whoever said that addiction rehab had to be unpleasant? Not only will you be escaping to our beautiful grounds in Long Beach, but you’ll also be able to get massage treatment! This helps you to deal with some of the physical challenges of withdrawal, while also addressing stress and helping you to feel generally healthier and happier.

Group Therapy: Group therapy will provide you with a support network of people going through the exact same things. It gives you accountability and it helps you to recognize the context of your situation: you are not alone.

Get Started Today

You really are not alone. We are right here to help you and if you’re ready to take that all-important first step, then we urge you to get in touch today and to come and see us. For more information, take a look around the rest of the site or consider getting in touch.