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Long Beach Alcohol Treatment

If you live in or near Long Beach and you are struggling with alcoholism, then we invite you to our treatment center where you can find the help and support that you need. is a fully comprehensive rehabilitation center for those struggling with alcoholism and other forms of addiction. We have a huge amount of experience, training and expertise, as well as all of the facilities and resources to offer complete, effective and permanent recovery from addiction.

If you need help but you aren’t able to come and stay with us for a rehab program, then you can still benefit from our many Long Beach alcohol treatment options.

Our Approach

At, we believe in offering a total and complete set of treatment options to aid with your recovery. We do not believe in curing just one aspect of a person’s addiction. We do not believe in treating the symptoms alone. In fact, alcoholism in many cases could be considered a symptom rather than an illness!

That is to say that in many cases, there are underlying circumstances or even ‘co-occurring’ mental health issues that caused the addiction in the first place. If you are struggling with addiction, then it may be due to an impulsive personality disorder, it may be the result of great stress, or you might be self-medicating for chronic stress.

Our job is to help you identify the causes for your situation and then to address those underlying issues as well as the immediate addiction itself.

We also recognize that no two cases are alike and no two patients are alike. That’s why we put you in the driver’s seat and it’s why we customize our programs to suite the person that is sitting in front of us.

Our Treatment Options

With all that in mind then, what kind of treatment can you choose from if you visit us at our facility?

We offer:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most popular form of therapy at this current point in time. The general concept behind CBT is to use a behavioral approach to treatment but then to ‘layer’ a cognitive aspect on top of that.

Behaviorism focuses on the way that we learn behaviors through reinforcement. This is particularly relevant in the case of addiction, where each time you took a certain drug, you will have experienced a chemical reward in your brain. This reinforces the behavior and it teaches you that it is something you want to repeat.

Behaviorism then looks for ways to ‘unlearn’ the behavior using a variety of techniques.

The cognitive aspect though looks at the psychological aspect. This addresses what thoughts you might be having that are making it harder to quit. For instance, perhaps you are thinking things like ‘just one more won’t hurt’ or ‘I can’t handle this stress without help’. You might also be reinforcing the behaviors in your mind by simply picturing the activity or thinking about it in a certain way.

Whatever the case, it is only through cognitive behavioral therapy that we can address those issues and help you to get back on track to a full recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy does exactly what it says on the tin. This is therapy conducted in a group setting, alongside other patients that are going through the same thing or at least something very similar.

Group therapy plays a very important role in your recovery because it gives you a forum where you can speak and get things off your chest where you know that nobody is going to be judgemental. Hearing others say the things you are thinking or feeling – or perhaps putting into words things that you couldn’t quite explain – this too can also be highly helpful.

Group therapy also gives you the important support network, the encouragement and the accountability you need. Being cheered on by your peers makes a huge difference and it’s something that has proven highly effective for a great many of our clients.


Finally, you might require treatment in the form of a medication program. We offer this to Long Beach patrons to help overcome the physical aspects of addiction.

There are three medications that are currently approved by the FDA for prevention of relapse. These will be prescribed by healthcare professionals and can then be used in conjunction with therapy and other approaches. These medications are Acamprosate, Naltrexone and Disulfiram.

Before any of this though, the first thing we will do is to help you identify the form of treatment that is best suited to your individual needs. Everyone is different and no two cases are alike.


Why choose If you are in or around Long Beach, then you will find that our facility is conveniently located and ideal for making regular visits. If not, then you might wish to come and visit for our beautiful grounds and for a chance to get away from your local troubles.

But you won’t choose us for our geographic convenience. You will choose us for our fantastic team of staff, our excellent track record and recovery rates and for our dedication to helping you with your illness.

Get Started on Your Way to Recovery

The first and most important step when struggling with addiction is simply to acknowledge that you need help and then to go out and seek it. No one else can help you until you decide that you want that help. When you do, we’re here to help you.

If you want to learn more, discuss your treatment or ask any questions, call us.