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If you have been battling an addiction to drugs you are ready to put it behind you, or you have tried quitting before, but have relapsed, it might be time to consider a rehab center. Addiction is sly mental illness. It convinces you that you need to keep using a substance or that you don’t need help stopping, but in reality, this isn’t the case. The majority of addicts do need help in order to overcome their addiction, and a reputable drug treatment center can provide you with the support and tools that you need in order to learn how to recondition your thinking and take control of the disease so that you can learn how to live your life free of drugs and alcohol.

Ocean Hills Recovery, the premier rehab center in Los Angeles, has helped countless people beat their battle with addiction, attain sobriety and get their lives back. We can help you, too.

Why Addiction is So Troubling

Addiction is a chronic disease. It affects the way the reward, motivation and memory functions of the brain work. Those who suffer from the disease are convinced that the drugs makes them feel or improve their behavior, or that they can stop using a substance any time they want to. A person who is addicted to drugs believes that they are in control; however, the addiction is really in control. A person who has an addiction will have strong cravings to use drugs, and typically, other aspects of his or her life suffer in order to fulfill the desires that the addiction creates. For example, a person who is addicted to prescription pain killers will have strong cravings to use, and the effects caused by taking the pills are destructive to other parts of his or her life.

A person who does not have an addiction will be able to identify a negative behavior, such as using prescription pain killers in a ways that they shouldn’t, but a person who has an addiction cannot. Instead of admitting that there is a problem, an addict will find a way to justify his or her actions and will continue the behavior.

What are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

In the beginning, the signs of addiction may be subtle and hard to notice. The person may be drawn to using a particular substance, may try to find situations where the substance is present, and may have a few episodes of using the substance excessively, but won’t have any feelings of regret for doing so.

The more an addict uses a substance, the more the addiction progresses. Eventually, the signs of addiction will be easy to see. Some of the most obvious signs of a drug addiction include:

  • Irritability when not using the substance, or when the effects have worn off
  • Participating in risky behaviors, such as taking drugs while working or driving
  • Decreased social interaction; wanting to stay home and be alone rather than going out and spending time with other people.
  • The development of health issues, such as memory loss, excessive illness, changes to the skin, hair or teeth, and weight loss or gain.

It is also not uncommon for addicts to briefly recognize that there is an issue and try to stop using; however, the severe side effects of withdrawal coupled with the way that substances have rewired the brain will make the addict use again.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of an addiction, it’s time to consider getting help from a professional drug treatment center.

What is a Drug Treatment Center?

One of the biggest challenges that addicts face is the inability to stop using a substance. They fall victim to their addiction, continuing to use drugs, regardless of the damage using the drug is doing. A drug treatment center provides addicts them with the tools that are necessary to overcome an addiction to drugs. Addicts gain an understanding their addiction and learn techniques to prevent the urge to use a substance at a treatment center.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, our patients are guided through the process of recovery by professional clinicians who are highly trained in handling addiction. We use a holistic approach to treatment, treating the entire patient, not just the addiction.

The course of treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery includes the following:

  • For people who are severely addicted to drugs, detox will be the first part of rehabilitation. During detox, patients often experience withdrawal, and the symptoms can be unpleasant, dangerous or even deadly. Patients receive 24 hour supervision during detox and will receive care from our trained professionals as needed.
  • In order to help our patients acclimate, we offer an orientation prior to treatment. During this time, patients will learn what they can expect while they are at rehab, and what the goals of rehab are.
  • Treatment for each person will vary and is based on individual needs; however, during the treatment process, patients can expect to undergo individual and group therapy, as well as family therapy, educational lectures and activities that promote mindfulness and accountability.
  • Post-Treatment Education. Prior to leaving our facility, we prepare our patients for transitioning from rehab to the world by offering tools, strategies and information that will help them stay on course with their sobriety and avoid relapse.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we are confident that you can overcome your addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment program and how we can help you.