Alcohol Rehab San Juan Capistrano

Alcohol Rehab San Juan Capistrano

If you aim to begin your alcohol rehab in Juan Capistrano as soon as possible, Ocean Hills Recovery is the ideal destination for you. Our team specializes in detox, rehab, and long-term recovery, helping those with severe addictions rediscover their place in the world.

How our rehab treatment functions

If you experience recurrent withdrawal daily, your situation may be severe and require a comprehensive treatment approach. Our rehab program relies on a structured approach, taking the patient through several recovery phases. These include:

  • Initial stabilization and cleansing – Your system may already be overwhelmed with drug or alcohol-related components, courtesy of prolonged addiction. Our drug detox in San Juan Capistrano will cleanse your body, counter the withdrawal, and diminish the physical and psychological discomfort during the detox procedure. It is a necessary phase that will stabilize and prepare you for subsequent rehab programs. This phase will last approximately two weeks, more or less, depending on your condition’s specifics, overall severity, and your progress during treatment.
  • In-depth treatment and routine building – Following our California drug and alcohol detox programs, you will enter the new recovery phase, which begins with the inpatient treatment. The inpatient program is a form of intensive treatment that lasts typically up to 90 days and relies on 24/7 supervision and support. During the treatment, you will live at our facility to eliminate any potential triggers that may cause you to relapse. The program will have you engage in a balanced and healthy living routine to counter harmful behavior and ensure a stable state of mind.
  • Social reintegration preparation – The next phase in our alcohol rehabs in San Juan Capistrano starts with IOP and continues with PHP and 12-Recovery assistance. This is the social reintegration phase, where you learn how to become independent and self-sufficient in the long run. We teach sobriety management, relapse prevention, family bonding, and community involvement as part of a stable and prosperous lifestyle moving forward.

Will our treatment work?

The answer is unequivocally yes. So long as you remain committed to your long-term recovery goals, our California alcohol detox program will deliver to its expectations. If you’re not familiarized with the rehab process and what to expect from the treatment, here’s what our alcohol detox center will help you achieve:

  • Control your cravings and harmful impulses
  • Overcome the withdrawal safely and with a minimum of discomfort
  • Understand and counter your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Understand your addiction’s underlying triggers, whether they are emotional, spiritual, social, or familial in nature
  • Address and control your chronic co-occurring disorders, some of which may be linked to your addiction condition
  • Realize your life’s real intrinsic value
  • Become more responsible, emotionally mature, and disciplined moving forward
  • Learn how to embrace sobriety as part of a new, fulfilling, and more rewarding life over the years

Ocean Hills Recovery invites you to join the most reliable and advanced alcohol rehab in Juan Capistrano today. You can call 833-537-0654 to discuss your insurance coverage and treatment options today if you’ve decided to make an appointment.

Alcohol Rehab San Juan Capistrano
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Alcohol Rehab San Juan Capistrano
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