Ocean Hills Recovery offers a more personalized approach when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA. We believe substance use disorder cannot be overcome with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. At Ocean Hills, each client is offered an individualized care program that draws on a number of proven services. This empowers each and every person in their recovery journey.

Available Programs for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA

Our treatment programs boast a wide range of treatments and services for clients. Our various levels of care provide the support clients need to make their way through the lifelong recovery process. Importantly, we treat not only the addiction but the co-occurring mental health disorders that cause addiction. In this way, clients are better prepared to not only survive but thrive in sobriety.

Learn more about our programs and begin a successful journey of recovery today.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

client meeting doctor during detox
Everybody needs a fresh start at some time in their life. This is especially true for those who have struggled with addiction. Often, after trying to kick destructive habits by themselves, or merely with the help of a detox…

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Inpatient Residential Treatment

group therapy during inpatient residential addiction treatment
If someone is struggling with a substance misuse or abuse issue, they may decide that they’d like to seek help from an inpatient rehab center in Orange County with experience in dealing with addiction. They know they’re not living the life…

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Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

therapy during PHP in Orange County, CA
If someone is in need of an in-depth treatment program while having the freedom of residing at home, they may decide that a day rehab program in Orange County is best. Our dedicated staff will help them recover while learning…

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Intervention Services

professional intervention services help a man addicted to drugs
The disease of addiction is powerful. Its greatest weapons are denial and secrecy. Often, sufferers are not aware of the toll their drinking and using drugs have taken on their friends and family. They may not even be aware…

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Family Programming

mother, father, and daughter in family therapy
Addiction not only affects the person addicted to drugs or alcohol, but it typically puts strain on the entire family. If patients decide to begin their recovery journey, it is also important to incorporate the family…

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12-Step Recovery

12-step recovery group in Orange County
The 12-Step method of recovery is part of our comprehensive treatment of drug and alcohol addiction at Ocean Hills Recovery. A New Approach to Treatment: Ocean Hills Recovery provides a program that is completely…

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Sober Living

breakfast during sober living program
Following the detox and residential period, it is important to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol in the real world. A sober living can help someone achieve just that, while surrounded by others who are on the same mission…

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Recovery is a Lifelong Process

Despite what some people might think, addiction and mental health recovery is a lifelong process. After all, someone with an addiction is never “cured.” Even years after treatment, the recovery process has stages that can help a person maintain their sobriety and lead a more meaningful life. No matter where someone is in their recovery journey, Ocean Hills Recovery provides the appropriate way to handle it.

Our sober living arrangements ease clients in the transition from residential treatment to everyday life. We impart life coping skills and provide much-needed peer support. Additionally, our continuing care or aftercare programs help people maintain their sense of resolve in saying “no” to drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, our relapse prevention services help clients avoid and minimize the stumbles that many experience on the road to lifelong recovery and wellness.

Begin Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA

Discover more about our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab programs. Our experienced team of addiction treatment professionals will walk you through our levels of care to help you find the best path of recovery that fits your needs.

From detox to aftercare, Ocean Hills Recovery is a safe place where clients benefit from comprehensive care and personalized support. Don’t let addiction rob you of one more day. Contact us today to get started on rebuilding your life.