The Ocean Hills Recovery Difference: Family-Style Sober Living in California

California Family Sober Living

Sober living is the term used to describe a housing situation (usually a home with several bedrooms or a small apartment complex), where all residents are in recovery from alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Ocean Hills Recovery offers several options for individuals transitioning out of our 30-Day residential program, from other treatment programs, or for those new to recovery who are seeking a supportive living environment. Our family-style sober living homes are located in Dana Point, one of the most beautiful and desirable beach communities in Southern California.

Each home is managed by a member of Ocean Hills Recovery’s staff. Living on-site, this person provides leadership and guidance for residents who are newly clean and sober. Residents of this state-of-the-art California drug rehab center are expected to follow house rules (such as zero tolerance for drug use or possession), take responsibility for certain household duties (cooking, cleaning and light maintenance), and attend 12 Step meetings, both on-site, as well as in the surrounding community.

The first days and weeks following treatment for alcoholism and prescription drugs can be a challenging time for many individuals. Much has been learned during treatment, and new patterns of behavior are being developed.

For these reasons, California drug rehab center Ocean Hills Recovery established its sober living program: to help clients manage the early period of recovery with around-the-clock support, with a strong and committed core of housemates encouraging sober behavior. Many former clients have found life-long friends among their fellow sober living residents.

And while our sober living program is deeply committed to practicing the principles of the 12 Steps, through meetings, journaling and step work, our program is also founded on reconnecting with the joys of living a clean and sober lifestyle. Residents of this California drug rehab have ample time to take advantage of our beautiful, sunny climate, our proximity to one of Southern California’s most stunning beaches, and all the recreational activities these surroundings offer: swimming, beach volleyball, bicycling, rollerblading, sailing, and so much more.

When you’re ready to transition from treatment, we invite you to participate in our sober living program. In addition to fun and friends, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of a solid, supportive foundation for your life-long commitment to your drug- and alcohol-free future.

Coming from a life of drug addiction and alcoholism, sober living can sound like an insurmountable challenge. It needs not be. As noted above, our sober living homes are located in a picturesque and quiet community in Southern California. These homes and the sober living programs conducted therein are deliberately designed to help you begin your new life of sobriety and drug free productivity on solid ground. Specifically, they will help you:

1. Gain a glimpse of the possibilities within your reach as a drug free person

2. Foster a homely, nurturing environment where love and care triumph over recriminations and conflict

3. Tap into the latent force of will within you to make positive life decisions

4. Lay a strong foundation for a commitment to live drug free for the rest of your life

5. Establish a network of support and peers with similar experiences

We will take a look at each one of these points in turn:

1. A Glimpse of What is Possible

Our sober Living program is structured to help recovering addicts discover the possibilities of living a life without drugs and alcohol. By providing plenty of opportunity and inspiration for doing fun and productive activities, recovering addicts discover that they have a latent potential to achieve great things in life. Just as well, living together with other people who have similarly been afflicted by the problems of addiction and alcoholism, residents are able to share experiences. Hearing about others often offers us insights into our own experiences. And these stories of positive outcomes combine together to form a vista of possibilities about the ultimate goal of the whole drug and alcohol recovery programs – a lifelong commitment to living without drugs. At the treatment stage living drugs free may seem like a fantasy. At the sober living home you will get hands on experience on just how a life of sobriety is fulfilling and enriching in equal measure.

2. A Nurturing Environment

Our sober living program is run under an environment much akin to a loving home. While there are rules and schedules, these are not implemented in regimentalized fashion as in a boot camp. We realize that the greatest danger to relapse is going out in the world and having no recourse but to associate with the same people with whom your drugs or drinking habit got established and spiraled to a personal crisis in the first place. The clean and nurturing environment in the sober living home will help demonstrate that you can live and connect well with people who are living sober.

3. Discover the Strength you Have to Make and Stick with the Right Decision

While our recovery center is deliberately set up to help you gain the support of our experts and other recovering addicts, the most potent power to stop your habit lies within you. This is a crucial element of the sober living program: helping you discover your inner resolve and commitment to do the right thing. You will discover that you are your own best motivator. Those around you are there to offer encouragement, support and understanding. When the motivation to continue ebbs, you will reach to this inner resolve to spur you on.

4. Laying Foundation for a Life-Long Commitment

At Ocean Hills Recovery we are aware of just how much of a challenge remaining sober and clean from drugs can be. The sober living period is therefore a foundational phase towards achieving this ultimate goal. As outlined in the 12 step recovery process, part of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is about confronting some ugly truths. Through methods such as journaling and group meetings, members share tips about what they are going through and the amends they are actively offering or planning to institute in order to ease the pain of those they wronged in the past. It is all geared towards transitioning to a life of clean living and mended fences.

5. Establishing a Network of Support

Drug recovery begins with acknowledging that we are helpless to stop our destructive activities all on our own. Success will only come from establishing a network of support. It is amazing how some of the bonds established between residents in our California sober living homes end up being liaisons that go on for much longer than the period of residency. The links and networks established at this crucial phase of recovery will be crucial in helping you begin your life of recovery on solid footing.

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