FAQ About Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Virtual Reality at Ocean Hills Recovery

What is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is a virtual reality (VR) program that allows individuals at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities to feel as though they are face-to-face with Dr. Phil. It is a powerful innovative tool in the fight against addiction and the journey to recovery.

Most people that have been seated across from Dr. Phil in real life would tell you that it was quite a wake-up call. This VR program helps to guide the user through their own wake-up call through a series of exercises.

What Will I Experience in Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery?

There are a total of 29 exercises in the program. Each of those 29 exercises has two parts:

  1. First, you will have a virtual “sit-down” with Dr. Phil. During this part of the exercise, Dr. Phil leads you through learning the keys to identify and achieve the kind of life you truly desire. You will leave the sessions feeling as though you had an eye-opening and insightful conversation about your life with Dr. Phil.
  2. The second part is working through the accompanying in-depth workbook designed to help you hone in on specific aspects of your life and your ways of thinking. You will discuss your answers with counselors at Ocean Hills Recovery, so you are not on your own.

dr phil's path to recovery virtual reality

How Does Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Work?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is not a standalone program. Rather, it is an enhancement to an already established inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. This VR program was designed specifically for those struggling with addiction; however, it helps people confront all of the problems in their life – not limited to addiction. Each person works to identify the causes of the problems of their life and start working toward permanent solutions. Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is the culmination of more than four decades of experience Dr. Phil has working in the mental health profession and addiction recovery.

Does Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Replace Therapies at Ocean Hills Recovery?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is a great complement to the programs and therapies offered at Ocean Hills Recovery. While dealing with physical addiction is a huge component of addiction treatment and recovery, the underlying issues of addiction are often more complex and require the most work.
Instead of replacing traditional addiction treatment therapies, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery works alongside other evidence-based therapies and counseling that a client receives and participates in at Ocean Hills Recovery during their inpatient rehabilitation stay.

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery, used in conjunction with the therapies Ocean Hills Recovery, allows each client to discover the aspects of their life that lead to addiction and to work through those issues. This helps to establish the best possible outcome for long-term addiction recovery.

What VR Technology is used in Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery?

State-of-the-art headsets are used to deliver the most realistic and comfortable experience for users. As technology changes and improves, the best products on the market will be utilized.

For more information on the programs and therapies offered by Ocean Hills Recovery, or Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery at OHR, call us today.