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At Ocean Hills Recovery, we know that each addiction is different and therefore each course of treatment will differ as well. Our team works one-on-one with all of our patients in order to determine their best course of treatment. For many, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) best suits their current circumstances and stage of recovery. During our intensive outpatient program, patients will have access to evidence-based therapies and counseling while being able to return home at night.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An intensive outpatient program is a highly structured treatment program where clients receive treatment five days a week for a few hours a day. While receiving high-quality treatment, patients have the flexibility to return to their homes at the end of each day. Some people may choose to enter into a sober living home while in an IOP, in order to eliminate temptations to use.

IOP includes weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a trained Ocean Hills Recovery staff member. Physician visits as well as other forms of therapy, such as group therapy, are also conducted throughout the week. Additionally, patients taking part in an intensive outpatient program are expected to interact with the community independently during non-program hours. This is to exercise their ability to use coping strategies in response to everyday stressors that may have contributed to their addiction.

Are IOPs for Everyone?

Our intensive outpatient program is recommended for those battling alcohol or drug addiction who have completed detox and do not need participate in an inpatient treatment program. IOPs are especially great for those who need to fulfill professional and personal responsibilities while receiving treatment. Additionally, an IOP is an excellent step-down service following the completion of an inpatient program.

Ideal candidates for IOPs are individuals who have not relapsed, and those who have a safe home environment or are planning to stay at a sober living home. It is essential that their living space be free of drugs, alcohol, or any other temptations.

For those who are unsure what type of program will be most beneficial for them, our staff is happy to help individuals determine the right program type for them following an evaluation.

Benefits of an IOP

The ultimate goal of any addiction treatment program is to encourage individuals to work through their issues while teaching them life skills and coping mechanisms that will help them to maintain sobriety. However, this central goal can be achieved through different treatment plans. For those who are best-suited for an intensive outpatient program, there are many benefits to consider, including:

Maintaining Your Commitments

Patients can benefit from the intensive outpatient program because it allows them to live in the outside world while still receiving treatment. For some, receiving treatment as an inpatient resident is not realistic due to work or family commitments. By taking part in this type of treatment, they can still maintain their routine while getting the help they need.

IOPs Teach Real-Life Coping Skills

One of the main benefits of intensive outpatient programming is that it aims to teach people to cope with the situations and stressors that might have contributed to their addiction. To remain sober, patients need to understand that these situations will still exist once they’re done with treatment. It’s how they deal with them that makes all the difference.

High Privacy Level

Other patients enjoy this type of program because it is rather private. They don’t need to share details of their treatment unless they choose to do so. For some, the thought of other people knowing about their addiction and treatment can be an impediment to treatment.

IOP Is Less Expensive

An intensive outpatient program can also be less expensive than inpatient care. Since you are living at your home, you don’t have the living expenses you would incur at an inpatient facility. Meal costs and other expenses are not factored into the cost of an intensive outpatient program.

How Long Does IOP in Orange County Last?

The overall length of intensive outpatient treatment depends on the individual and the progress they are making in recovery. During this process, it is important to remember that people heal at their own pace, and rushing through treatment is counter-productive. The program duration usually ranges anywhere from 30 days to a few months.

Typically those in an IOP attend treatment for a few hours a day, five times a week. The time of day depends on the person’s availability. Many people find that nighttime works best for their schedule.

How Do I Know I Need IOP?

It is not always easy to admit to having a problem; however, if you are abusing drugs or alcohol, an IOP can help you recover fully while teaching you how to sustain long-term sobriety. If you have completed detox or are looking to step down from an inpatient program, then an IOP is a great option for you. Not only is substance abuse addressed in this type of program, but dual diagnosis and mental health disorders can also be treated.

Throughout this form of treatment, individuals undergo different therapies, including:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Relapse prevention training

Finding an Intensive Outpatient Program In Orange County

If you are struggling, it is time to ask for help. Do not let your addiction control you for a second longer. With the right intensive outpatient program, a better life is right around the corner. At Ocean Wellness Recovery, our qualified staff will be there to help you throughout every step of your IOP. Call us or visit our contact form today to get started.