If you’re struggling with substance misuse or abuse issues, you may decide to seek help from an addiction treatment center. For many, partial hospitalization programs (PHP) can be the first step toward hope.

Our partial hospitalization program in Orange County gives you the highly structured treatment protocol that’s designed for your success. Our program provides you with the focused treatment you need while also letting you live in your own home or a sober living environment.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

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Inpatient programs require a person to move into a facility and receive round-the-clock care. Outpatient programs allow a person to receive treatment during the day and still return to their homes at night. Some people choose to live in a sober living home while attending PHP. 

Partial hospitalization programs require the most time spent in treatment compared to other types of outpatient programs. Participants typically go five or more days a week for several hours a day. Our Ocean Hills Recovery partial hospitalization program in Orange County provides highly structured day treatment programs and services like group therapy, individual counseling, and other proven types of addiction treatment. Individuals who need concentrated, time-intensive treatment but still have a supportive, non-triggering home environment in which to live often do well in a PHP program.

What Makes PHP for Substance Abuse Right for You?

Partial hospitalization programs are best if you need a high level of support to help you battle your addiction, but don’t necessarily need 24-hour monitoring and supervision. PHPs provide an excellent treatment option for those who have strong and reliable support systems in their families or their homes. It’s also beneficial if they have stable housing and transportation. 

If you have completed a residential program but still need elevated supervision and guidance, PHPs provide this. Too often, people leave a residential program and return home, only to find themselves struggling and in danger of relapsing. PHPs make sense for them as the next step in their treatment because it allows them more independence than residential programs, while still being accountable for working on their recovery under close guidance. PHP treatment often takes place in a medical facility. This allows the person quick access to any needed medications or medical interventions.

A PHP also makes financial sense for those who qualify for this type of treatment. Many residential programs cost more than outpatient programs. Generally speaking, many insurance plans cover all or a large part of stays in PHP programs. Also, the cost that must be covered by the client is sizably less than that of a residential program.

Services Offered in Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Orange County

Our adult and adolescent partial hospitalization program services recognize that everyone has individual treatment needs. We customize your treatment plan with the help of several different experienced professionals—counselors, therapists, doctors, nurses, and more. Your treatment will include regular individual counseling, group therapy, relapse prevention training, life skills, and even targeted counseling for gender-specific groups. 

Our experienced and compassionate counselors will customize a program in which you’ll receive no fewer than six hours of treatment per day for at least five days a week. A PHP will keep you at our facility for much of the week while providing the flexibility to maintain your day-to-day life. This interaction outside of our facility allows you to road test what you’ve learned in recovery and process any stressors and situations you encounter with our help.

We know that the path back to sobriety should be holistic in nature, focusing on the body and mind. We offer access to our premier fitness center, yoga classes, massage therapy, art and music therapy, and more. Ocean Hills Recovery’s doctors and psychiatrists can help with medication management if needed. Our medical staff is available to treat complications that arise from substance abuse. 

We will work with you to be sure you have the proper tools for aftercare. Aftercare will allow you to live a healthy life that’s full of positive and reinforcing self-care options. Studies show that the longer a person remains in recovery programs, the more successful they are at staying sober. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs and Mental Health

Too often, someone who struggles with addiction also battles mental health problems. Approximately half of all people who have a substance use disorder also have at least one diagnosable mental illness. PHPs often address both issues, providing treatment for two challenging illnesses under one roof.

If you deal with a mental illness like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, our partial hospitalization program in Orange County knows how to help. Because addiction and mental illness can feed off each other, it makes it imperative to seek treatment for them simultaneously. 

The symptoms of mental illness can cause a person to begin abusing alcohol or drugs in order to assuage them. In addition, sometimes the effects of substance abuse cause or exacerbate mental illness symptoms. Our PHP clinicians know how to address both addiction and mental health. This sets you up for success in dealing with both once you leave our program. 

Begin Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Orange County Today

We know taking the first steps to beat addiction can be scary. We understand that fighting the battle can be daunting, and you need the right support team. Our PHP plan gives you the tools you need to conquer your addiction. We also provide detox and treatment for co-occurring mental illnesses so you receive a complete program designed to prepare you for success in recovery. We offer our services to those in Anaheim, Long Beach, Riverside and Orange County.

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