Riverside Residents: Come to Ocean Hills Recovery for Alcohol Rehab and Recovery

Riverside Alcohol Treatment

Every day, countless Americans crack open cold beers, pop the corks off of wine bottles, or pour themselves a drink made with hard liquor. Whether it’s to celebrate a wedding or another achievement, at a social gathering, or to relax after a hard day of work, alcohol is commonplace in our society. For many, drinking just one drink is enough; for many others, however, they can’t stop at one drink. Once the taste of alcohol is on their lips, they can’t control themselves and have the urge to continue drinking, no matter where they are or how it may impact them. In fact, for many people, drinking alcohol isn’t limited to social settings and celebrations; it’s a part of everyday life. For these individuals, alcohol addiction may be a problem.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol and you live in Riverside or the surrounding area, than we urge you to consider Ocean Hills Recovery for treatment. Offering in-depth treatment that not only treats the addiction, but treats the entire person, we have helped countless people in the Riverside area overcome their addiction to alcohol and move forward to a happier, healthier life, free of alcohol use.

What is Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a very serious illness. It causes changes to the brain’s neurochemistry. When a person is addicted to alcohol, a person may not be able to control the urge to drink alcohol, no matter how much it affects his or her life. An addiction to alcohol is also known as alcoholism.

There is no rhyme or reason to alcoholism. It does not discriminate and affects people from all walks of life, no matter their race, gender, demographic or socioeconomic status. Despite extensive research, science has not been able to determine if there are any factors that predispose a person to alcoholism; however, it is believed that genetic, behavioral and psychological factors are all factors that contribute to the disease.

Since alcohol is such an accepted part of our society, it can be difficult to tell the difference between someone who enjoys having a drink every now and then from someone who has an addiction. However, there are definite symptoms that indicate an addiction is present. These symptoms include:

  • An increased desire to drink
  • An increased tolerance
  • Seeking out situations in which drinking alcohol is acceptable
  • Making poor decisions that are centered around or because of alcohol
  • Changes to the way a person behaves when drinking and when not drinking alcohol
  • Changes to personal relationships

These are just some of the symptoms of alcoholism. If you notice any signs that indicate alcohol use is a problem, either in yourself or in someone you love, it may be time to consider treatment for an addiction. Ocean Hills Recovery provides comprehensive treatment for those who are addicted to alcohol and live in the Riverside area.

Our Treatment Options

At Ocean HIlls Recovery, our treatment options are based on our core belief that alcoholism affects every person differently, and that addiction is the result of a variety of different factors. With that said, we believe that an addiction has one or more components. These components usually impact a person physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Ocean Hills offers treatment options that address each of these components, helping patients overcome their addiction so that they can move forward to a life that is free of alcohol use and abuse as quickly as possible.

At Ocean Hills, we work toward building a healthy foundation that will allow our patients to live a life that is free of alcohol. We also concentrate on treating the whole person, not just the addiction. This process enables our patients to truly understand and overcome their addiction, as they learn what caused it in the first place and how to replace their alcohol use with healthier options.

Our alcohol treatment incorporates a combination of behavioral therapies, counseling, support groups, and medications (as needed.) We determine the most effective treatment options for each person and create a plan of action that addresses each individual’s needs.

What to Expect

What should you expect from alcohol treatment? First and foremost, you can expect to receive compassionate care from professionals who are highly trained and experienced in alcohol addiction. You can also expect a safe haven while you are going through the treatment process; a place where you are not judged, scrutinized or made to feel ashamed for your addiction. You will feel as if you are an important and influential member of our community, and will receive support from your peers and our staff.

In addition to being welcomed into a caring, supportive environment by people who fully accept and understand your addiction and want to help you overcome it, you will also receive in-depth treatment. Our goal is to help you not only beat your addiction to alcohol, but to truly understand it – why it came to be, what triggers your desire to use it, and how to effectively stop using it.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we fully understand that alcoholism is a serious disease, and like any other disease, it requires serious treatment. We are committed to helping people in the Riverside area who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol beat it by guiding them on the path of recovery. You can attain a life of sobriety, and we can help.