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What is CARF Accreditation?

CARF_GoldSealThe Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF is an independent, nonprofit organization with a focus on advancing the quality of services in health and human services. These health and human services range from child and youth services to aging services to opioid treatment. CARF is an accrediting body meaning that a CARF-accredited service provider has applied the CARF set of standards for quality to their business and service delivery practices. CARF International provides a framework, then consults and advises health and human service organizations to help improve their service quality. CARF has been an approved accreditation provider for opioid treatment programs providing outpatient, residential, and detox services since 2001 and has been an accrediting body as a whole since 1966.

What is the CARF Accreditation process?

CARF accreditation can be quite a lengthy process - 9-12 months for first time applicant;...
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Why Choose Sober Living?

Choose Sober Living, baby stepsYou've completed your inpatient drug rehab stay, but your recovery process doesn't end there. Unfortunately, many people leave rehab and go right back into their old routines. Desires are still present and maybe they aren't quite ready for the temptations that appear in their previous living situation. If your roommate hasn't given up on drugs/alcohol, for example, going home isn't going to be the safest option for even the most motivated addict in recovery. Or maybe their previous living situation is no longer available. Sober living is a fantastic baby step back into the 'real world' following your drug rehab experience.

What is Sober Living?

An inpatient residential treatment center for drugs and alcohol will provide a more intensive recovery experience, which will come with less freedom during your stay. It is necessary...
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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

alcohol awareness month 2015 If you've never known a person who abuses or is dependent on alcohol, or if you yourself are in denial over having a problem with alcohol, you may not understand why an entire month is devoted to bringing information to light about alcohol abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse, or alcoholism is a common issue in the United States, which is why Alcohol Awareness Month is so important to many people. In 2013, 16.6 million adults ages 18 and older had an Alcohol Use Disorder. That same year, only about 1.3 million adults received treatment for an Alcohol Use Disorder at a specialized facility. Sadly, nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, making it the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Understanding Alcoholism

Common signs of alcoholism:
  • Feeling guilt or shame about drinking habits.
  • Lying about...
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