flakka drug addictionFlakka is the new drug that is bringing addiction to the next level. It's most similar chemically to bath salts, both of which cause aggressive behavior and hallucinations that can cause paranoia in the user. Flakka is a synthetic drug that is both a stimulant AND a hallucinogen. To say that flakka drug addiction is scary is an understatement. Studies are suggesting that Flakka is more addictive than Meth. It is just as addictive as bath salts in tests with rats. Flakka, also sometimes called gravel, is relatively inexpensive so the rate of use and abuse is quick and fast. It is seen as a substitute for crystal meth and costs only 25% of the price of meth.

Why is Flakka Dangerous?

When a person uses flakka, they enter into an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes they can get themselves...
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