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Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis?

When a person suffers from at least one addiction along with at least one mental health disorder, it is called dual diagnosis. It is also often referred to as co-occurring disorders. There are many forms of dual diagnosis but essentially dual diagnosis is any combination of mental illness and addiction. This could be alcohol and/or drug addiction PLUS depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, etc. Dual diagnosis can lead to the greater impairment of life skills, it has more overall health risks, including physical safety, and the chances for successful treatment are often significantly lower, especially if treatment is solely for one disorder.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Happen?

Sometimes the mental disorder starts first and the person will turn to drugs or alcohol for self-medication. This may temporarily alleviate their symptoms by numbing the pain or fear. This can happen either WITH proper medical treatment or INSTEAD of. Of...
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California Heroin Rehab

California Heroin RehabWhen you think of a heroin addict, what do you picture in your mind? Someone living on the streets? Someone who hasn't showered in a few days? Someone with teeth missing, or dirty clothes? Anyone standing on a corner in a bad neighborhood? In reality, heroin abuse is getting a new face. It is far more likely to find your middle class neighbor or coworker having a heroin addiction than you would probably realize. The harsher reality is that heroin abuse touches every socioeconomic group without discrimination. This as a result of heroin abuse increasing by 770 percent in some states since 2000 and 60% across the US. While other types of drug abuse are experiencing decreases, it seems as though heroin is picking up their slack with its increase.
How does this happen?
Though a person can certainly begin their...
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