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New Year, New You. Make 2015 Your Year of Addiction Recovery!

2015 New Year, New You. No one says you have to wait until January 1 to start anew. But if you are the type of person who likes to wait until the 1st of the New Year to begin a journey, you aren't alone, and you don't have to do it alone.
Identify Your Goal or Resolution
Is your goal to be sober? Be sober. Those two words can seem so daunting. If that's the case, break it down a little more. Stay sober today. Then, stay sober tomorrow. Keep in mind you may not be able to do that alone, but you don't have to. Every person in recovery had to have that first day of being sober. Maybe it took a few first days for it to stick, but if you never start, how will you get there?
Make Your Plan
If you experience withdrawal...
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How To Explain Addiction to Loved Ones

Recovering addicts often say that drugs or alcohol were their best friend until it became their worst enemy. Many complex factors are involved with drug addiction, and there is still some ambiguity as to why it affects some more than others. Research points to causes such as genetics, environment, stress and other influences, but understanding exactly why it occurs in every single person is difficult. Statistics do reveal, however, that rehabilitation treatment can benefit addicts substantially. Knowing what to expect is helpful if you are considering entering a treatment program or if you can help someone else understand the facts. Sometimes the hardest part is explaining an addiction to a loved one. Below are some questions we can help you answer.

Why Can't You Stop Using?

A simple answer to why someone cannot stop using drugs is that they are more powerful than you are. Drug addiction can affect your body...
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Coping with Addiction in a Loved One

We wonder what to do when we realize that someone close to us may have an alcohol addiction. The natural urge to help, protect and change that person is inevitable, but in most cases our loved ones need more than that. The inability to help them on our own seems confusing and hurtful, because the addiction is something only they feel and something only they can change with proper treatment. Helping someone else overcome an alcohol addiction is not only a difficult task to take on, but most times, without proper treatment, it is not possible for you to combat alone. Someone with an addiction will show a change in personality and might seem more disconnected than they were previously, but there is always hope for that person to return. Whether or not your loved one is willing to take the journey to recovery at this point, taking care...
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